Please note that we are no longer able to ship outside of the United States unless through a freight forwarder due to the many issues we have been experiencing with international shipping.
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Sealy Bremen Collection™

The Sealy Bremen Collection™ is built with a preferred feel to guests and at a preferred weight for staff to help give it the best quality possible. It is still built with the same comfort and durability standards all all the other Tempur Sealy Mattresses. It comes with an antimicrobial knit fabric with chill technology. The mattress also has a 10 year warranty.

NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, please allow 12-16 weeks for hospitality deliveries.

Please allow 16-20 weeks for retail deliveries.

PLEASE NOTE:  Mattresses are not returnable.  By law, a State Mandated Environmental Fee will be incurred for all mattress/boxspring shipments to California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. For example 1 king set with split box springs = 3 units (fees vary per state).


$250 for every 3 pieces up to 6 pieces. Anything over 6 pieces going White Glove Delivery will require us to seek a third party quote before processing the order.  

Ex: 1 king set = 1 mattress and 2 twin xl foundations totaling 3 pieces.

$50 minimum order fee for all orders under 16 pieces.

The charge you will see on checkout is not correct and the correct amount will be applied by our staff when the order is received. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wholesalers: Please login or call us at 800-877-4667 for wholesale pricing.

Tight Top- Firm

  Retail Price  
Twin 37.75"x74"+6"
$701.67 ea
Twin XL 37.75"x79"+6"
$729.00 ea
Full 52.75"x74"+6"
$798.00 ea
Full XL 52.75"x79"+6"
$823.00 ea
Queen 59.75"x79"+6"
$863.67 ea
King 75.75"x79"+6"
$1,158.34 ea
Cal King 71.75"x83"+6"
$1,158.34 ea
Hotel King 71.75"x79"+6"
$1,158.34 ea

Tight Top- Firm

  Retail Price  
Twin 37.75"x74"+8"
$778.67 ea
Twin XL 37.75"x79"+8"
$783.00 ea
Full 52.75"x74"+8"
$902.34 ea
Full XL 52.75"x79"+8"
$925.00 ea
Queen 59.75"x79"+8"
$979.34 ea
King 75.75"x79"+8"
$1,312.67 ea
Cal King 71.75"x83"+8"
$1,312.67 ea
Hotel King 71.75"x79"+8"
$1,312.67 ea

Tight Top- Soft

  Retail Price  
Twin 37.75"x74"+10"
$803.67 ea
Twin XL 37.75"x79"+10"
$831.00 ea
Full 52.75"x74"+10"
$925.00 ea
Full XL 52.75"x79"+10"
$952.00 ea
Queen 59.75"x79"+10"
$1,018.00 ea
King 75.75"x79"+10"
$1,364.67 ea
Cal King 71.75"x83"+10"
$1,364.67 ea
Hotel King 71.75"x79"+10"
$1,364.67 ea

Tight Top- Soft

  Retail Price  
Twin 37.75"x74"+12"
$855.67 ea
Twin XL 37.75"x79"+12"
$883.00 ea
Full 52.75"x74"+12"
$979.34 ea
Full XL 52.75"x79"+12"
$1,004.34 ea
Queen 59.75"x79"+12"
$1,067.67 ea
King 75.75"x79"+12"
$1,414.67 ea
Cal King 71.75"x83"+12"
$1,414.67 ea
Hotel King 71.75"x79"+12"
$1,414.67 ea