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Providing quality bedding, bath and related supplies to the hospitality industry since 1952.

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At InnStyle, we are experts on the hospitality and supply industry. We can consult on the products that are best suited for your specific needs.

  • Bed covers
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  • and much more...

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  • InnStyle Make-up Remover Gift Pack
    InnStyle Make-up Remover Gift Pack Starting at $6.17

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  • CleanRest Pro Bed Bug Encasements
    CleanRest Pro Bed Bug Encasements Starting at $44.67

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  • MicroCotton® Hotel Collection Towels
    MicroCotton® Hotel Collection Towels Starting at $3.34

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  • InnStyle 600 Wrinkle Free Sheets
    InnStyle 600 Wrinkle Free Sheets Starting at $164.62

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  • Poo-Pourri
    Poo-Pourri Starting at $10.00

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  • 1000+ Stain Remover
    1000+ Stain Remover Starting at $12.00

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    October 13, 2021

    One of the primary goals for the hospitality industry is to make sure guests are comfortable, relaxed, and feeling at home.  An overlooked area that can dictate how comfortable a guest feels is room temperature.  This can be challenging because everyone has different opinions on... Read More >>

  • Tips for Laundering and Removing Stains from Bathrobes

    September 23, 2021

    Bathrobes can be the ultimate luxury item when provided at the property you are staying at.  They are a nice added feature that can help you feel extra comfortable after a bath or shower and a great option on a chilly morning.  Many guests will... Read More >>

  • Preserving Water In the Hospitality Community

    September 9, 2021

    Record-breaking heatwaves in the western regions of the United States have led to droughts and wildfires.  Fresh water is a resource many of us take for granted, and it is important that we continue to preserve it the best we can especially in places where... Read More >>

  • How a Weighted Throw Blanket can Benefit Your Property

    August 25, 2021

    Everyone thinks of throw blankets as a decorative linen that adds extra warmth to a guest.  Someone might enjoy sitting under a throw blanket on the couch with a hot, refreshing cup of hot chocolate.  The reality is throw blankets have many purposes.  They come... Read More >>

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