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Providing quality bedding, bath and related supplies to the hospitality industry since 1952.

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At InnStyle, we are experts on the hospitality and supply industry. We can consult on the products that are best suited for your specific needs.

  • Bed covers
  • Ironing
  • On and off site washing
  • Bedding
  • Mattresses
  • Pest Control
  • and much more...

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  • Facial Wipe
    Facial Wipe Starting at $42.00

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  • CleanRest Pro Bed Bug Encasements
    CleanRest Pro Bed Bug Encasements Starting at $44.67

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  • MicroCotton® Hotel Collection Towels
    MicroCotton® Hotel Collection Towels Starting at $2.34

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  • InnStyle 600 Wrinkle Free Sheets
    InnStyle 600 Wrinkle Free Sheets Starting at $143.00

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  • Bouvier Duvet
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  • InnStyle Make-up Remover Gift Pack
    InnStyle Make-up Remover Gift Pack Starting at $5.49

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  • What Is a Standard Pillow Size?

    July 9, 2019

    Every night, you sleep on the same type of pillow.
    You know exactly how it should feel and exactly how to position it to get a
    good night’s rest.

    But then you go out of town and find yourself sleeping on a
    different type of pillow. Maybe it’s filled...

  • How Often Do Hotels Replace Pillows?

    June 18, 2019

    How long have you had the pillow
    you sleep on every night?

    Two years? Four years? Six?

    When you check into a hotel, the pillows you sleep on will
    likely be much newer, as hotels replace pillows fairly frequently.

    For example, Microtel went through 20,000 pillows in a single year,... Read More >>

  • How to Decorate the Bathroom with the Right Bath Accessories

    June 10, 2019

    Sometimes all it takes to tie a room together is a good rug.
    Or a piece of artwork, or a smartly-chosen throw pillow.

    Whatever the case, smaller items can make a huge difference
    to the overall look and feel of the décor.

    However, accessories can also overwhelm the...

  • 8 Unique and Unusual Guest Room Amenities

    May 21, 2019

    There are some things you’ll expect to find in a hotel room,
    no matter where you travel.

    Fluffy towels.
    A comfortable bed with clean sheets. A TV with a whole host of cable channels.

    Then there are the establishments that go above and beyond,
    offering their customers unique –...

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