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Lifetime 8 Mattress

In the world of hospitality, the quality of sleep your guest's experience can significantly impact their overall satisfaction with their stay. The right mattress can turn a good visit into a great one. For this reason, we present the Charles P. Rogers® Lifetime 8 mattress – a unique offering that aligns with your commitment to providing exceptional comfort and luxury to your guests.

The Lifetime 8 mattress has been handcrafted to be the only mattress you'll ever need to own. A testament to its durability, the Powercore® 3 spring unit comes with a lifetime guarantee, offering you peace of mind with your investment and guaranteeing your guests consistently restful sleep for years.

Comfort is critical, and the Lifetime 8 mattress doesn't disappoint. Combining natural latex, CertiPUR-US gel foam, and nano spring comfort cassettes, this mattress ensures a plush yet profoundly supportive sleep experience. Its unique features extend beyond just comfort; they add value to your guests' stay, setting you apart in the competitive hospitality industry.

One of the distinctive features of the Lifetime 8 mattress is the reversible/replaceable comfort cassettes. These offer softer or firmer options depending on which side faces up, allowing you to fine-tune the feel according to your guests' preferences. Particularly in king sizes, where the mattress uses two comfort layer cassettes, the firmness or plushness can be customized on the left and right sides of the bed.

The Lifetime 8 Comfort Cassette includes a soft layer of Natural Talalay Latex for an opulent feel and a double-thick extra firm Gold Certified Natural Talalay Latex for those guests who prefer a better sleep surface.

In partnering with Charles P. Rogers®, a trusted brand with a heritage dating back to 1855, you promise your guests extraordinary sleep comfort and quality. Make the Lifetime 8 mattress part of your establishment's offering, and together, we can create an unforgettable sleep experience for your guests. Our history, future, and guests' satisfaction intertwine when you choose the Charles P. Rogers® Lifetime 8 mattress.

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Medium Firm Mattress

  Retail Price  
Twin XL 39"x80"+14.25"
$3,099.00 ea
Full 54"x75"+14.25"
$3,559.00 ea
Queen 60"x80"+14.25"
$3,599.00 ea
King 76"x80"+14.25"
$4,299.00 ea
Cal King 72"x84"+14.25"
$4,299.00 ea

Replacement Comfort Cassettes

  Retail Price  
Twin XL 38"x80"+4"
$534.67 ea
Full 54"x75"+4"
$868.67 ea
Queen 59X79+"4
$868.67 ea
King 78"x80"+4"
$1,069.00 ea
California King 72"x84"+4"
$1,069.00 ea