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Natural Bed Bug Spray

Protect your home from bed bugs, dust mites, ticks, and fleas with the Natural Bed Bug Spray. This natural spray is safe to use daily, even if you have children or pets.  Made with natural ingredients, it is effective for bed bugs and their eggs, helping you live a bed bug-free life. This spray can be applied to all areas of your home, including mattresses, furniture, and bedding. Unlike harsh chemical sprays, the Natural Bed Bug Spray uses family-safe ingredients that achieve powerful results.

The Natural Bed Bug Spray is easy to use. Simply spray the affected areas and the natural ingredients will get to work on bed bugs and their eggs. You do not need to wipe it down with a damp cloth as you do with other sprays. Since there is no residual effect, it does not stain your furniture or leave any lingering odors. This non-toxic bed bug spray has a unique formula that doesn’t require harsh chemicals to help you protect yourself from bed bugs. 

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Bed Bug Spray

  Retail Price  
Travel Spray 3 fl oz.
$12.99 ea
Bed Bug Spray 16 fl oz.
$18.50 ea
Bed Bug Spray 24 fl oz.
$23.75 ea
Laundry Additive 32 fl oz.
$27.50 ea
Gallon Refill 128 fl oz.
$59.99 ea