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Sig Natüra

The Signature Natüra Bath & Body Collection offers modern style from a budget friendly, Eco-Conscious perspective. Made in Italy, Sig|Natüra features Eco-Efficient Stand-Up Sachets, which offers an impressive presentation with numerous environmental benefits.

Allow your guests to unwind from their day and delight in using a sophisticated collection designed to enhance their bathing rituals. With its refined design approach, Sig|Natüra exudes world-class charm with a touch of modern style.

Sig|Natüra offers an exclusive fragrance that starts with deep wood base notes delicately blended with fresh ylang ylang and citrus bergamot to stimulate the skin, hair and senses.

  • Each cosmetic is formulated with unique ingredients and extracts.
  • Dermatologically Tested, Nickel Tested and are Vegan Friendly.
  • All Soaps are vegetable based with Jojoba Oil.
  • Shower Cap contains EcoPure.
  • Eco-Efficient Stand-Up Sachet utilizes approximately 78% less plastic than a typical 20ml bottle.
  • Revolutionary packaging prevents unnecessary waste while being fully collapsible and recyclable.
  • Flexible material is easily squeezable and allows for full use of product inside.
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Sig|Natüra 20ml StandUp Sachet

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
Hair & Body Wash NSIG20-151A
$124.34 ea
Conditioner  NSIG20-152A
$138.00 ea
Body Lotion NSIG20-153A
$134.00 ea

Sig|Natüra Soaps and Accessories

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
15gr Soap flow packed 0.5oz - NSIG-215
$133.34 ea
25gr Soap paper wrapped 0.9oz - NSIG-225
$129.00 ea
40gr Massaging Soap flow packed 1.4oz - NSIG-240
$135.34 ea