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Natüra Nü

Natüra Nü (pronounced “en-yu”) offers a clean and pure design featuring a soothing modern color pallete. Neutral blues and grays are combined with white in this simple and clean style. Nü’s dermatologically tested formulas will clean every body and every personality.

This range features an industry first, the patented design One-Piece Tube.  Manufactured in Italy, it is made from a single piece of material which allows for a reduction in raw materials, energy efficient production and easy recycling.

Elevate your amenity presentation to a new level with this modern quality European-made product line.

  • Formulated with unique ingredients and extracts, such as Lime Flower, Camomile, Olive and Guarana extract.
  • Dermatologically Tested, Nickel Tested and Vegan Friendly.
  • All Soaps are vegetable based with Jojoba Oil.
  • Tubes and Soaps made in Italy.
  • Shower Cap contains EcoPure.
  • Only one machine is needed resulting in a more efficient manufacturing process consuming less energy, creating less scrap and CO2.
  • Patented design features tamper proof, resealable closure which guarantees safety and allows for multiple uses.
  • Thermoform tray acts as a soap dish, providing guests with a place to rest their soap while keeping the vanity clean and dry.

The Natura shower cap is no longer available.  See the Deluxe lines for other options.  

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Natüra Nü 30ml One-Piece Tubes

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
Shampoo - NATNU-151 1.01 oz.
$130.34 ea
Conditioner - NATNU-152 1.01 oz.
$141.67 ea
Lotion - NATNU-153 1.01 oz.
$142.34 ea
Body Wash - NATNU-154 1.01 oz.
$142.00 ea

Natüra Nü Soaps & Accessories

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
14gr Rectangle Soap flow pack - NATNU-214 0.5 OZ.
$126.34 ea
25gr Rectangle soap thermoform tray - NATNU-225 0.9 oz.
$223.00 ea
40gr Rectangle Soap cello wrap - NATNU-240 1.4 oz.
$163.34 ea