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GREEN Natüra

Pioneering the environmentally conscious amenities category since 2008, Green Natüra products offer numerous Earth friendly features coupled with a contemporary design. Each product has the soft and pleasing scent of white tea leaves.

Green Natüra offers a proprietary waste-reducing soap and EVO Dispensers to help reduce excess waste. The 25 gr soap is packaged in recyclable paper wrap. This product is made in Cambodia.

Implementing this program can significantly reduce waste, minimize negative environmental impact, and promote a sustainable future. Guests enjoy a quality amenity program while hoteliers gain valuable recognition and increase positive guest-perception.

  • Soaps are vegetable-based and free of animal fat/byproducts.
  • Soaps are RSPO certified.
  • 50 gr Soap features Oatmeal Exfoliant.
  • Formulas Gluten Free and Nut Free.
  • Tubes, EPURE Dispenser and Cartridge, EVO Dispenser and Accessories contain EcoPure.
  • Tubes and EVO Dispenser contain PCR.
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Hotel Bottle - Master Case Pack

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
Shampoo - NGRN-151 Flip cap tube/.85 oz.
Hair Conditioner - NGRN-152 Flip cap tube/.85 oz.
Moisturizer - NGRN-153 Flip cap tube/.85 oz.
Bathing Gel - NGRN-154 Flip cap tube/.85 oz.

Soaps & Accessories - Master Case Pack

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
Skin Care Bar - NGRN-225 *New Packaging* Paper Wrap Style .88 oz.
Refreshing Leaf Body Bar - NGRN-240 1.41 oz.
Eco-Friendly Exfoliating Body Bar - NGRN-250 1.76 oz.
Shower Cap in Recycled Paper Box - NGRN-755
Necessity Kit in Recycled Carton - NGRN-766 1 emery board/2 q-tips/2 cotton balls/sewing kit card
Dental Kit in Recycled Carton- NGRN-116 PSM toothbrush/5gr Colgate toothpaste
Shaving Kit in Recycle Carton - NATGN-120 PSM razor/shaving cream tube .34 oz.

Hanging Dispenser System

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
Dispenser Bottle Bracket Set NATGNDB-100
$496.34 ea
Eco-Label Hair & Body Shampoo 385 ml. - NATGNDB-151
$237.34 ea
Eco Label Hair Conditioner 385 ml. - NATGNB-152
$248.67 ea