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How to Choose the Best Beach/Pool Towel

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There are the towels you use to dry off with after your shower, and the towels you take to the pool or the beach.

In theory, there really shouldn’t be much difference. After all, a towel is a towel, right?

But you wouldn’t want to bring the plain old, worn out beige towels you use at home on your trip to the beach. Your beach towels shouldn’t be bland, they should be big and bold.

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How to Buy the Best Bath Towel

Luxury Hotel Bathroom with Towels

Here’s a point we’ve made before, and will most likely make again.

That’s because it’s an important one: Guests want three things from their stay with you — a clean room, clean bedding, and clean towels.

But that’s the bare minimum. Of course, your towels should be clean, but they should leave your guests feeling warm, dry and comforted. Here’s some advice on how to buy the best bath towel.

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Guests Want Clean Sheets and Towels (And No Bed Bugs)

After almost 30 years of serving the hospitality industry, I have seen many changes, but one thing has remained the same:

Whether people are on vacation or traveling for business, they want to stay in a clean room with clean sheets, clean towels and clean bedding.

Guests have become even more conscious of room cleanliness in recent years thanks to some high-profile and widespread beg bug invasions.

We’ve written blog posts in the past about protecting a room and a bed against bed bugs. If guest finds – or worse, is bitten by – a bed bug, it can be an expensive proposition.

That’s why protection is your best prevention. Be vigilant in checking your room each time a guest checks in our checks out.

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The Difference Between Bath Rugs and Bath Mats

bath rugsQ. How does a bath rug differ from a tub/bath mat?

A. A tub mat or bath mat is usually an extension of a towel program, and used specifically right outside the tub to absorb water following a shower or bath.

A bath rug, however, serves multiple purposes. From a design standpoint, a bath rug can make a significant difference in the look of your bathroom. It can complement the overall color scheme of the bathroom or coordinate with the bath towels.

Available in various colors, textures and sizes, you have the option of changing out the bath rug when you need a new look.

Functionally, a bath rug, like a tub mat, helps absorb water from your body when you are stepping out of the shower or bath—it keeps excess water off the floor and prevents slipping on wet tiles. A 100% cotton bath rug is the best alternative, as cotton absorbs many times its weight in water and dries fast.

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Understanding Low Twist Yarn

low twist yardQ: What exactly is “low twist” yarn?

A: In the spinning process, yarn is twisted to add strength and provide greater uniformity, aiding the weaving process. The greater the twist, the more durable and substantial the yarn.

To create a low twist, the yarn is actually untwisted. Only longer staple cotton fibers—with their inherent strength—can be used in constructing low-twist yarns. The de-twisting action creates more air and space between the fibers, which yields a terrycloth fabric that’s especially soft and absorbent. This feature also decreases the time it takes the towel to dry after use or washing.

Q. What’s the difference between low-twist cotton towels and the more standard ringspun cotton towels?

A. You’re probably familiar with single-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply yarn. What you might not know is that while a single is, of course, a single strand a yard, “single” is also a term used to describe yarn that’s twisted in a single direction. Tecnically speaking, then, multiple strands of yarn can still be correctly described as a “single” if they’re all twisted in the same direction.

As far as 2-ply and 3-ply yarn is concerned, they consist of multiple strands of spun yarn that are twisted in the opposite direction from which they were originally twisted. This is done because twists add considerable strength to cotton fibers, and each multiple direction of a twist adds even more strength. That’s why a 3-ply towel is generally stronger than a 2-ply, and a 2-ply towel will tend to be stronger than a single-ply.

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Monogramming Your Robes, Towels, Bed, Bath and Table Linens

category333Monogramming for Innkeepers

Many of our bed-and-breakfast, country inn and upscale hotel customers provide monogrammed robes in every guest room. Innkeepers find their guests love these robes and quite often want to purchase them. Simply putting a small tag on the robe hanger can explain to the guest that if they wish to purchase the robes, new robes are available for sale at the front desk.

Some innkeepers have little shops or a few shelves behind the front desk where they show inventory of many of the monogrammed items used in the rooms. Monogramming your robes not only reminds guests where they stayed but also brings back the many fond memories they made while staying at your property.

Crests, logos and initials can be monogrammed on all bath and bedding items. All monogrammed orders must be approved before work can be completed.

We use a two-step approval process:

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Bath Towels, Bath Sheets & Pool Towels

Wholesale Linens Bath Towels

We have many customers asking us about the best size to purchase in a bath towel. Many years ago the most popular size of a bath towel was 27”x 50”. As the years went by, manufacturers were offering larger sizes starting with 27”x 54” up to 30”x 56” for a bath towel and in some cases 30”x 60” or 34”x 64”(in the past, considered a bath sheet size). Customers are requesting large bath towels which will wrap around their body. Larger bath towels are, in most cases, more luxurious in size, weight, cotton content and softness. Most bath towels can fit on a normal size towel bar.

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The What and Where of Fingertip Towels

Filo Fingertip TowelsA fingertip towel is a small towel designed to be easy and convenient for drying hands and particularly ‘fingertips’ quickly. It is smaller than a hand towel, yet larger than a wash cloth. A fingertip towel can be functional, decorative, or both. It is a versatile towel that can be laid on the countertop next to the sink, hung on a small towel rack, or draped over coordinating bath towels or hand towels, particularly in guest bathrooms.  Continue reading