It’s a New Year – Why Not Become an Innkeeper?

Breakfast Table in a bed-and-breakfast room

It’s a new year. 2018 has given way to 2019 and people are making resolutions. Stop smoking, lose weight, hit the gym every day.

As for you, you’re thinking about changing careers. You feel drained every day when you get home from work, and long for the day when you enjoyed your job.

But you’ve had an idea recently. It seems crazy, but it’s alluring:

Slumber Pillows“Become an innkeeper.”

You picture yourself at a cozy little bed and breakfast in the mountains, or a place by the sea. You imagine getting to know the customers, finding an interesting new career in your post-retirement life.

We won’t lie: it’s going to take some work.

There are lots of fun things but also some day-to-day nuts and bolts stuff. You’ll get to master new dishes and introduce travelers to your favorite local points of interest, but you’ll have to spend time washing sheets and ordering new pillows.

Natüra NüIf you want to become an innkeeper, here are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Create a business plan – Make sure you know what you can afford and leave room for unanticipated expenses. You’re going to have unanticipated expenses. InnStyle can provide aspiring innkeepers with a “Start-up” list to assist in identifying basic needs.
  • Think about your location – This is actually three considerations in one. You’ll want to be based somewhere that’s easy to get to, near a significant population and somewhere with interesting things to see and do.
  • What amenities will you offer? – Think about the things that will set you apart from your competitors. Are you a hunting lodge? A place where people can get away for the weekend? A B&B that’s renown for its menu?
  • Attend innkeeping conferences that offer seminars for aspiring innkeepers.

InnkeepersThat’s the work part. Here’s the enjoyable side of becoming an innkeeper, courtesy of Emily and Bill McIntosh. They’re the owners of the Bed of Roses bed and breakfast in Asheville, NC, and they wrote last year about their favorite things about their decision to become innkeepers

1. You get to live in an interesting place

For the McIntoshes, that interesting place was Asheville, but setting up shop as an innkeeper usually means living/working in a locale people want to visit.

Bed and Breakfast Victorian Home2. You get to live in a nice home

Maybe you already live in a nice home. Bill and Emily did. But in order to afford that house, they worked long hours at jobs that left them stressed. As an innkeeper, you get to spend all day in a beautiful home.

3. There’s no commute

Emily and Bill came from Boston, a city notorious for its traffic. But Boston doesn’t have a monopoly on bad drivers. If you’re ready to ditch your commute, become an innkeeper. You’ll live where you work.

4. You’ll be your own boss

If you’ve ever wanted to work for yourself, become an innkeeper. You’ll get to see life through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

5. You’ll meet interesting people

Hotel inkeeper meeting new guests

“Imagine spending your workday dealing with people who are on vacation instead of slugging through their daily work,” write Bill and Emily.

They note that these guests don’t always arrive feeling relaxed, but that’s where you come in. Make them feel welcome, and you’ll be on your way to creating a repeat customer.

And owning an inn means you’ll meet interesting people: folks from countries all over the world and with jobs you didn’t know existed.

Are you ready to become an innkeeper? You’ll need supplies. For more than 60 years, people just like you have turned to InnStyle to find top quality bedding and other supplies.

We can provide the expert guidance you’ll need as you start your business, as well as personalized product recommendations from an experienced sales staff.

Contact us today at 800-877-4667. And good luck in your new venture!

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