How to Wash a Blanket

woman curled up in blanket at beach house

The nights are cold by the ocean, even in the summertime. Your guests have been strolling along the beach, chilled by the salt air at their backs.

As they walk back to your place, the thought of nestling themselves under a soft thick blanket initiates the warming process in their mind.

Whether you run a bed and breakfast in the mountains or the seaside resort we described above, your guests will appreciate coming home to blankets that are warm, comfortable…and clean.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide on how to wash a blanket.

Cotton blankets

Cotton is easy to care for: wash it with a mild, liquid detergent, with the washing machine set to a gentle cycle and a cold wash/rinse to prevent the blanket from shrinking. When it’s time to dry, set your dryer to “delicate” and dry the blanket with a medium heat.

Polyester blanketPolyester blankets

“Warm, but not too warm.”

That should be your slogan when thinking about how to wash a blanket made from polyester. Wash it in warm water, but no warmer than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a mild detergent, with no bleach or fabric softener, and do not wash with other textiles.

Tumble dry on the lowest possible heat setting – again, no more than 120 degrees – and without other textiles or fabric softener present. Get the blanket out of the dryer right away – it’s ok if it’s still damp – to prevent wrinkling.

Microfiber blankets

Microfiber blanketMany of the rules for washing polyester blankets also apply to microfiber blankets: avoid fabric softener – as it clogs the spaces in the fiber – and do not wash them with other fabrics. Be especially careful of cotton, as microfiber will attract lint.

Wash these blankets in warm or hot water with a mild detergent, and then either let them air dry or dry with low or no heat. Microfiber dries quickly.

Down blankets

A lot of guides on how to wash a blanket made with down begin and end with a trip to the dry cleaner. And many down blankets and comforters carry a “dry clean only” warning label.

But with a large enough front-loading washer, you can avoid dry cleaning and the harsh chemicals that come with it.

Start with some mild soap, or – if you can find it – soap that’s designed specifically for down. Run-of-the-mill laundry detergent is a bad idea, as it can dilute the natural oils in the down feathers that makes them light and fluffy.

Wash in warm water on a delicate cycle. If your washer allows for an extra rinse, use it. Otherwise, you’ll need to do a separate rinse to get soap from the down.

Dry the blanket on a low heat with dryer balls or some clean white socks with tennis balls stuffed inside, which prevents the down from clumping together. If the dryer ball/tennis ball method isn’t an option, take the blanket out of the dryer every so often and shake it out.

There’s nothing like coming in from a chilly night to the comfort of a warm, fluffy and well-kept blanket. If you’re looking to restock the blanket supply at your establishment, InnStyle can help.

We carry a wide range of cotton, polyester, down and microfiber blankets, and our sales team is committed to helping you discover the right product for your guests. Contact us to find blankets that will leave your customers feeling comforted.

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