Improve ROI by Personalizing Your Guests’ Experience

Family Checking In At Hotel Reception Smiling

It’s nice to be on a first name basis with a business.

While being addressed as “Mr.” or “Ms.” is a sign of respect, it can also feel like you’re being summoned to the principal’s office.

Your hotel guests likely feel the same way. They enjoy personalized service, whether they’re staying in a hotel or talking to their cable company.

That’s why we want to share this list of ways you can personalize guest service, and keep customers coming back to your establishment.

  • Top on our list of ways to personalize guest service: Call them by their name, whether it’s in conversation with them, or sending them direct mail or email newsletters. Pass this down to your customer service reps, so they can follow it in phone calls, chats, emails, etc.
  • Slumber pillowsSmile and make eye contact. It might seem obvious, but it’s not something your employees will always remember to do, especially in an age when so much communication happens in a digital sphere. Consider workplace training to drive this point home.
  • Give each guest a personalized candy bar or bottle of water with their name
  • Put their name in a framed sign on the desk in their room
  • Send them a personalized “thank you” note from your owner or general manager. If you’re feeling especially generous, include some fresh cookies.
  • Have a “Reserved” sign with their name on it waiting at their table at breakfast or dinner
  • Abigail Comfortor SetName a “Special of the Day” after them on your menu
  • Set up a loyalty/rewards program for repeat customers. Create a special line or check-in area for guests who are part of that program. Do the same thing in your parking lot.
  • Give them a personalized welcome letter – or email – that lets them know about local attractions, restaurants, places to shop, etc.
  • Leave a small potted plant or vase with flowers in their room with a note from your guest services department.
  • Be human. We recognize that there’s a script your employees must follow to make sure everything runs smoothly, but you can still personalize guest service by talking to guests like they’re people. Ask about their stay so far, their plans, etc.

And no matter which of these steps you embrace, remember that guests will still want the same thing guests have wanted as long as there have been hotels: a clean, comfortable place to sleep.

InnStyle can help make that happen. We’ve spent more than 60 years providing hotels, bed and breakfasts and vacation rental properties with the highest quality bedding, mattresses, pillows and other amenities.

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