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Purchasing Pillows For Your Inn

Purchasing Pillows For Your InnSince there are so many choices out in the marketplace on pillows, innkeepers are always concerned about purchasing the correct and best pillows for their Inn. We usually can solve these concerns by speaking to them about their options and budgets and sending them samples to try. The truth is that everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to pillows. So we will always advise to have a few different styles of pillows in each room and extra styles/sizes on hand.

Size of Pillows

The size of bed pillows you choose will depend on the size of the bed and the preferences of your guests and how they sleep. In general, for a twin size bed, a standard pillow would be the correct size. For a queen bed two queens is a preference and for a king bed two king pillows would fit best on the bed. We always suggest having 2 pillows in the room for each guest. It would be best to have a soft (down-like) pillow and a medium firm pillow. It is always good to have available a few down pillows and a few firm pillows (in standard, queen & king) on hand for those guests who prefer “real down” or very firm pillows. Also, guests sleeping on a king bed may prefer a smaller pillow then a king. Having these extra pillows on hand in different fills and sizes is a thoughtful accommodation for your guests who will appreciate your consideration of their sleeping needs. On our site we have a pillow menu that may help with making pillow choices for your particular property. Guests appreciate it when they can have the pillow of their choice to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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Quilts and Matelasse’ Coverings

Augustine Quilt Set by Waverly

Augustine Quilt Set by Waverly

Traditionally a quilt is a cover that is able to be used in a variety of ways. Quilts have a layer of batting or padding placed between two layers of fabric and then stitched into a specific pattern or design to hold the layers in place. Batting is a soft and bulky assembly of fibers that gives the quilt loft and creates a layer of insulation.

There are 2 different types of quilts. The first type is made with a single uniform piece of fabric for the top layer. This is different from the second type, a piecework quilt that joins smaller sections of fabric together to create the top layer. On each type of quilt, the underside will be a single piece of solid color fabric. Pieced quilts are often made from fabrics that may have been used previously in clothing, upholstery, former drapery, or bedding. Any fabric that is not being worn or used for its original purpose can be reused in this fashion. Some quilters will purchase bolts of fabric or yards of fabric and cut into smaller pieces to make a quilt of their own artistic design. This makes for an interesting and unique cover for a bed, couch, throw, or chair. Some quilts are made from a combination of antique fabrics, old clothing pieces, or upholstery fabric. Continue reading