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Wrinkle Free Sheets Our Customers Love

We always like to share comments our customers make, but our Wrinkle Free Sheets haveOur Wrinkle Free Sheets Available July 2012 created quite a ‘buzz’.

About our Wrinkle Free Sheets

We have been using these sheets since 2008. They have been fantastic, our laundry service, housekeeping, and of course our guests have commented on how nice the sheets are, and where they could buy them. We were very distressed in 2010 when they were discontinued and bought up whatever inventory you had back then.

At that time I thought there are a lot of “Sateen Sheets” that said they were wrinkle resistant I had seen from retailers. The problem with retailers is getting the quantity needed, with each store only carrying a few sets of sheets, but I had to try. I started buying sets of these sheets and taking them home to wash. None of the so called “wrinkle resistant” sheets where in fact wrinkle resistant. If the fabric didn’t show wrinkles the stitching all puckered up in one washing! The quality of every set I tried was very poor. It didn’t matter where I bought them, what the thread count was (400, 500, 600, or 1000!), the stitching puckered or the sheets wrinkled on one washing. The other noticeable difference was how thin all the other sheets were, and again the thread count did not matter, all were very thin.

The Inn Style Wrinkle Free Sheets always had a nice sturdy weight, never puckered, and kept their sheen. That weight contributes to the quality, wrinkle resistance, and makes these sheets unique among all I have tried.

I was very happy to see the return of this item. We received a sample pillowcase last week, washed it, then washed it again, ran it through the dryer each time. Each time it came out beautifully. Finally we have our sheets back!! ~
Dennis Ynclan – Owner Daytona Ocean Front Rentals & Sales, LLC

The Boathouse Bed & Breakfast ~ can not tell you how happy we are that the Wrinkle Free sheets are coming back!

Fig Street Inn ~ Can’t wait to see them! We have missed the 600TC wrinkle free sheets.

Boathouse Bed & Breakfast ~ These are the best sheets. Our guests love them and glad that they are back.

Pre-order the only Truly Wrinkle Free Sheets. !00% Cotton – 600 Thread Count Sheets save time & Money. Manufactured by InnStyle. Delivery Scheduled for July 2012.
Phone 800-877-4667 To Place your Wrinkle Free Sheet Order!

Why Fabric Softener is Not Recommended for Use in the Hospitality Industry

Fabric softener is a conditioner, made of oils, waxes and fragrances, designed to coat fibers with a thin layer of chemicals, making fabric softer to the touch and preventing static cling. In use since the 1930’s, the demand for fabric softener increased dramatically in the 1950’s with the introduction of synthetic fibers and detergents, as well as the modern washing and drying machines. The result of these advances was clean but scratchy fabrics that were less than appealing to wear, or in the case of sheets, sleep between.

Although popular for home use, Fabric softeners may not be a good choice in the hospitality industry. The build-up of chemicals left behind by repeated use of fabric softener can damage the fabric, causing yellowing and reducing the absorbency of towels. Most good quality all-cotton towels do not need to be treated with fabric softener and with repeated washings and dryings, will become softer naturally.

The chemical build-up of fabric softener also clogs the pores of Egyptian cotton sheets, preventing them from breathing, thus decreasing the luster and gloss that customers come to expect when staying at a quality hotel or bed and breakfast. Like towels, sheets will become softer with repeated laundering without the assistance of the clogging, water-repelling residue found in fabric softeners.

One way to expedite the softening process of towels and sheets, without resorting chemical agents, which is often highly scented and thus toxic to many sensitive customers, is to “beat” your laundering despair away – literally. Plastic dryer balls, available to purchase through distributors that provide bed and breakfast supplies, wholesale hotel supplies and hospitality supplies (or in most large chain stores), are a perfect alternative. These balls pummel the fabric while in the drying process, increasing fluffiness and reducing static cling as it tumbles.

Another excellent method to soften clothes without commercial fabric softener is using 1/8-1/4 cup vinegar in the last rinse…it softens and leaves linens fresh without any scent or fragrance as it removes any detergent left in the laundry.

Choose Oxygen-Based Bleach when Laundering Sheets for Hotel and B & B Use

There is no doubt that cotton is the most used textile fiber in the world, especially when it Grande Hotel Sheetscomes to the manufacture of bed sheets. As any inn-keeper or hotel supplies manager knows, guests love slipping into bed when a set of crisp, freshly-laundered cotton sheets await. The ratings given by guests about the cleanliness and quality of your sheets can make or break a business, thus the choice in how to launder sheets for your guests is a vital one. It begs the question, what is the best and most efficient way to keep my sheets clean and bright, with that firm yet soft feeling that my guests demand, while increasing the longevity of my sheet-investment?

The answer is simple: Don’t use Chlorine bleach! Bleaching weakens the cellulosic fibers, actually causing whites to deteriorate and look yellow and dingy (of course it goes without saying what becomes of colored fabric when bleach is introduced). Because of the damage to the fabric over time on a cellular level, the life of the sheets is shortened, thus requiring more frequent replacement than if bleach wasn’t used. Also, conventional bleach products are a harmful respiratory irritant that can cause burns to the skin and is dangerous when used in a bed and breakfast that hosts children and pets (birds can die from the fumes of bleach).

What then can someone responsible for hospitality supplies choose to launder sheets that will maintain the desired look and feel? Oxygen-based bleaches are an excellent alternative. They are chemically different than chlorine bleach and they are safer workers and customers with chemical sensitivities, is gentle to the skin and friendlier to the environment.

Oxygen bleach works very well in removing soil and organic matter and doesn’t damage the fabric, even after repeated use, and is safe for whites and colors. Oxygen bleach comes in power or liquid under many different brand labels and is the preferred choice in commercial sheet care.