Horst Rechelbacher Foundation, Greg Gentle, Osceola, WI

  • Good morning!  What a timely check in.  I was going to call you this week to get a second order of linens established.  The sheets were a huge success and, in the words of one of our guests, "The best sheets I've ever slept on..."  We also want to order coverlets for the beds as well.  I will be in touch soon! I should also add that our guests were a team of international explorers preparing for their next expedition.  They felt so pampered in the linens!  Several joked that they shouldn't "get too comfortable!" as they will be spending 2 months sleeping on the ground in tents in the near future!  Needless to say they noticed the "special touch" we provided with the new linens.

Casa Escondida B & B, Belinda Bowling, Chimayo, NW

  • When we decided to replace ALL of our towels at Casa Escondida B & B, we looked at many.  We chose the “Grand Patrician Suites” towel from InnStyle.  We love them and our guests love them.  We even featured our new towels on our Facebook page.  We found these towels to be plush, oversized and absorbent.  Our guests really feel like they are being pampered.  We were concerned about shrinkage and drying time, but they launder very well and drying time has not been an issue.  Thank you!  https://www.innstyle.com/grand-patrician-suites-towel/

Malou Interior Design, Marie Rosenquist, Sarasota, FL

  • This is one of the best companies I’ve worked with the last 40 years.  They answer the phone very service minded and have fantastic merchandise.  No need to go anywhere else . . . Keep it up!

Thaxter House, Milly Pallett, Philadelphia, PA

  • Thank u for ur help and guidance. Everything arrived as scheduled. Please pass this email onto to ur superiors because u are a professional, knowledgeable, and supportive counselor and followed the entire process.  U r a professional and should be acknowledged. Please send final invoice. And once again thank you.

Jane S., State College, PA

  • I received a personal email promptly after placing my order, requesting verification of an alternate shipping address (for fraud prevention purposes).  I was easily able to provide proper identification and within five minutes received a confirmation email that the issue was resolved and my order would be promptly filled and shipped. I searched dozens of websites pricing these bedding accessories, and Inn Style was by far the lowest price on every single item I compared.  That, coupled with the excellent personal customer service I received, makes InnStyle a company I will gladly recommend and shop again.  Thanks, Dorene!

Barry Alexander,  Apex, NC

  • “As is always the case, you have exceeded my expectations.  Everything came in on time and I made two very important people in my life very, very happy.  The duvet is fantastic.  The towels are gorgeous.  The blanket – exquisite.  It is truly a pleasure to work with someone like you and your company and, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words of encouragement last week.  Happy New Year my friend.  https://www.innstyle.com/magnificence-duvet/



Mount Laurel Recovery Center,  Darcy Leach, Westfield, PA

  • “I’ll have to say, I have dealt with a few suppliers and there is only one other one that works with us like you and your team at InnStyle.  It makes my job a lot easier when I have a friendly, hard working team willing to go the extra mile for us.  I’m so glad we found InnStyle, you folks are AMAZING.  Have a fabulous day!”

Harold Sweda, Patchogue, NY

  • “Thanks you for your courteous attention.  I’m very happy I found your company on the Web and that it’s being run by genuine people.  Too many companies today are corporate monsters with no flexibility in their rules.  I can also appreciate the problems that you can incur by dealing on the Web.  I’m confident that I’ll be happy with your products and the fact is that much of our linens now are in need of replacement.  So your kind handling of this order will be rewarded by additional business.  Continued success!”

Colgate Inn,  Dennis Kochem – https://www.colgateinn.com/

  • “I hope today finds you well.  I need to take a moment and commend one of your employees.  Kristyn is absolutely amazing!  I have been working with her for what must be at least 8 years.  She is always jumping through hoops to my Inn successful.  This is not an easy task.  The company I work for is very last minute and wants answers and results very quickly.  Kristyn has never failed at my last minute requests, steering me in the right direction in product selection, and always has the most cheerful and happy demeanor no matter what I ask.  Working in the customer service industry can be quite tiring and frustrating.  She seems to handle it with ease.  I wish I had a bunch of her at my front desk.  Thank you for all of Innstyles cooperation in making our properties look as lavish and beautiful as they are.  We really appreciate all that you have done for us.  P.S.  Kristyn  - You rock!  Thanks for everything.  As always, if you’re efer up our way you have an open invitation at one of our properties.”  https://www.innstyle.com/diamond-matelasse-coverlet/

Homestead Inn,  Renee Hodges - https://www.homesteadct.com/

  • “My husband and I were in the education field for 25 years. Our 3 passions being travel, all-things historical, and entertaining/hospitality, the last decade found us desiring to own and operate a historical B&B. Last year we decided to try and turn our dream into a reality. We were nervous about actually buying a B&B, so we decided to see if we could find jobs running someone else’s inn. We found a place in VA, a 10-guest room circa-1885 inn, where the owner (who lived in the attic) ran the place for all intent and purposes, like an innkeeping training center. We stepped out on faith, sold our home in GA and relocated to VA. We loved it! It was everything we hoped for and more. After a year of learning the ins and outs of innkeeping, we decided we wanted to find an inn with an absentee owner.  In April, we relocated to CT, to run an inn that was bought by a new owner in Jan and underwent an extensive renovation. The owner needed Bob and I to handle EVERYTHING from the ground up---mattresses, linens, sundries, plates….you get the idea. Well, none of that was a part of our training in VA. While in VA, we attended the VA B&B conference and the model inn given for how to do things right was the Iris Inn in Waynesboro, VA.  So, I called them to ask who they buy “stuff” from and they told me InnStyle. I wasted no time contacting InnStyle and explaining my situation. They said they would assign the same representative to us that Iris Inn has and explained that his name was Chuck Roller.  Contacting InnStyle and being assigned to Chuck was the best thing I could have done. Chuck “held my hand” through all my decisions, gave me advice, and didn’t make me feel like a moron. When there was a hiccup with one of the vendors, he immediately contacted them and had the situation rectified within 24 hours.  But most importantly, InnStyle’s products are AMAZING. We have the 600-thread count Pima cotton sateen weave sheets on all 21 of our beds and the guests rave about them. We also have InnStyle towels, top covers/shams (in some rooms) and many other things.  My husband and I are firm believers in having vendors who we can have a personal relationship with, where there is a name and a person who knows our name. InnStyle understands and appreciates that aspect.”  From a loyal customer. https://www.innstyle.com/innstyle-600-wrinkle-free-sheets/

Chagrin Valley Hunt Club,  John Sobecki – https://www.cvhuntclub.org/

  • “We ordered the MicroCotton Hotel Towels for our small private club.  We have just four guest rooms and a small cottage, but our members and guests have very good taste.  That’s why we are so pleased with the new towels.  They are the perfect weight and very absorbent.  They also seem to get better with every washing.  Thanks for offering such a great product.”  https://www.innstyle.com/new-microcotton-hotel-collection-towels/

Port of Kimberling Marina & Resort,  Kelly Swanson – www.mypok.com

  • “I am so glad I started buying from you!  You are so attentive to my every need.  I recommended you to the Branson Lakes Area Lodging Association.  I recommended your bed bug mattress protectors.  Your bed bug mattress protectors keep bed bugs from getting into the mattresses.  Mattresses are expensive to replace and that is proof of how much they are needed.  I figure if I can help other people find good resources for their hotel it is good for all of us.  You and your company are amazing.   I love working with you and your products are incredible.  I sent another email to the director of the lodging association telling them about the other things we have bought through you.  You may hear from her.”  https://www.innstyle.com/bed-bug-protection/

Mary Hughes,  Membership Managermary@independent-innkeeping.org

  • “I washed my new sheets yesterday and slept on them last night – they are a generous fit which is a bit big for my king BUT holy moly are they amazing hotel crisp!!!  Wow … I love them so much!  I can’t believe every innkeeper doesn’t have these!!!  I told my husband they are too nice for our rentals!!! LOL I’m keeping them for us!  They are exquisite seriously luv luv luv them!”  https://www.innstyle.com/innstyle-600-wrinkle-free-sheets/

Colby Hill InnHenniker, NHJefferson Brechbuhl  https://www.colbyhillinn.com/

Greenwater Community Center,  Enumelaw, WA – Diane Gebenini

  • “The linens arrived yesterday.  We set the tables for our community Valentine Dinner this evening.  They are perfect and wonderful quality.  Thank you so much for working with our community center, we really appreciated being able to purchase your products.  I’ve passed along your contact information to the on-site property manager for Sunspots Vacation Rentals in the Greenwater/Crystal Mountain area.  She was super impressed with your product.  I’ll be certain to send you more referrals.”

Impressed Farm Wife

  • “There is no better stain remover than this.  Why is isn’t a household name, I don’t know.  I’m just glad I “discovered” it, and sorry I didn’t know about it sooner.  I live on a farm where where removing stains like red clay, grass, grease, and blood is a frequent challenge.  Or should I say was.  This product hasn’t let me down once, no matter the fabric content, no matter the stain.” https://www.innstyle.com/NEW-Espro-Stain-Remover-1/

Dagmar Fadeley,  Fort Mill, SC

Laura Patton,  Lexington, KY

  • I have been using these sheets for five years now, and they are just as perfect as the day they arrived.  These are the softest, most heavenly sheets you will ever fee in your entire life.  I guess the best way to explain then would be smooth as butter.  That’s what I think of when I feel them.  My mom and my sister have both slept in my bed when visiting and they want the sheets now for themselves.  They are amazing!  https://www.innstyle.com/innstyle-600-wrinkle-free-sheets/

White Swan Inn,  Whitehall, MI - Cathy Russell https://whiteswaninn.com/

  • “White Swan Inn has been a customer of InnStyle for many years.  Prompt service and fair prices will keep us coming back for more.”

 Parish House Inn,  Ypsilanti, MI - Chris Mason https://www.parishhouseinn.com/

  • “I have used InnStyle for many years and have always been happy with the products and the service.”

Riverside PropertiesWenatchee, WA – Laurie Elliot

  • “Just to let you know that my housekeeping supervisor tried the new stain remover on a load of towels today.  He said they were heavily soiled and that in his experience, towels in that condition would not come clean and would have to be removed from service.  Guess what?  They all came clean!!  15 bath towels, 4-5 hand towels and at least 6 wash cloths.  That enzyme just saved roughly $200 in linen replacement!  I’d say this was a good day, and yet another quality product from InnStyle!  I have a feeling we’ll always want and need to keep a good supply of this on hand.”  https://www.innstyle.com/cleaning-products-winning-brands-1000-stain-remover/

Nicola N.

  • “Definitely a very good post https://www.innstyle.com/blog/2015/10/ and the one I needed.  I just started my “before Christmas” cleaning and decided to ceal all the mattresses thoroughly, because I read some articles about all these tiny bugs around us.  Your tips are great, very useful and the information was quite detailed.  Thank you for sharing.”

Liza Simpson,  Park City, UT

Adobe Nido B & B, Albuquerque, NM – Sarah Miles https://www.adobenido.com/

  • “Classy people, classy products!”

Mary Hulett,  New Braunfels, TX

  • “I stayed at the White River Inn in Arkansas.  Tina, the hostess, had these 600 count sheets on the beds that were soft as silk.  I was able to order my own set (retail) from InnStyle.  Dorene was very helpful in getting my order to me.  The quality of products is outstanding and the customer service is exceptional.  I highly recommend this company.”  https://www.innstyle.com/innstyle-600-wrinkle-free-sheets/

Sharlene Jenkins,  Mason, OH

  • “The Natura mimosa shampoo is incredible.  This stuff is amazing, discovered it at Shawnee State Lodge, they have it in their rooms.  The scent is our of this world awesome . . . I went on line and found it and ordered some . . . yah.” https://www.innstyle.com/natura/

Boathouse B & B,  Bolton Landing, NY – Patti Silipigno https://www.boathousebb.com/

Bottger Mansion of Oldtown,  Albuquerque, NM – Kathy Hiatt           https://www.bottger.com/

  •  “I love our linens and amenities from InnStyle!  They are great people to work with, and we were delighted to see them again at the conference.”

Gunn House Hotel,  Sonora, CA – Shirley Sarno https://www.gunnhousehotel.com/

Inn at Harbour Ridge,  Osage Beach, MO – Sue Westerhaver https://www.harbourridgeinn.com/

  • “Your customer service is exceptional.”