Disposable Bags for Feminine Care Products
Scented bags for clean, easy, discreet disposal of feminine care products: sanitary pads, tampons, and panty liners. Biodegradable plastic bags with a pleasant fresh scent. Embedded with EPA approved antimicrobial agents which inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. Eases concerns of contact with germs and exposure to possible blood-borne pathogens. Reduces costly maintenance and repairs of plumbing systems. Plus helps maintain the life of septic systems by reducing solid waste build up.

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Product Retail Price Case Pack Quantity
Disposable Bags (2 bags per pack) 50 packs per case $23.50 / ea 1
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Disposable Bag Dispenser Wall Mount (does not contain product) White $11.00 / ea 1
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Disposable Refill Boxes (50 bags per box) for dispenser 2 boxes per case $8.00 / ea 1
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