Comfort Block Integrated Bed Scarf Top Cover

Integrated Bed Scarf is an all-in-one construction that combines the bed scarf and top cover, eliminating the need to purchase or dry clean a separate bed scarf. Simplifies bed make-up. Assures consistent and symmetrical orientation on the bed. Discourages pilferage. Reduces operational costs. Blend of 60% Centium Core Technology® Polyester and 40% Cotton assures lasting performance and softness with wrinkle-resistant performance. Coordinating Duvet Covers, Comfort Block Top Cover without the bed scarf and sheeting available also.

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Integrated Bed Scarf with Comfort Block Top Cover Retail Price Case Pack Choose Option / Quantity
Queen 95"x120" $70.00 / ea 6
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King 114"x120" $77.75 / ea 6
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