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Bed Care All-Cotton Mite Proof Duvet Covers

If you suffer from allergies... or if you regularly wake up after sleeping under a comforter with congestion and a stuffed nose (even though you're not sick)... the BedCare all-cotton comforter cover could change your life. BedCare All-Cotton Comforter Covers give you protection from dust mites and their allergen, pet allergen, and even bed bugs. This 100% cotton zippered cover for your comforter adds only a single, lightweight layer so you receive allergen protection without adding weight. 


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Duvet Covers

  Retail Price  
Twin 66" x 86"
$76.67 ea
Twin XL 70" x 90"
$76.67 ea
Full Queen 86" x 86"
$99.00 ea
Jumbo Queen 96" x 92"
$112.00 ea
King 106" x 86"
$120.34 ea
Jumbo King 110" x 98"
$122.67 ea