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Baronessa Cali Oro d'Oliva

Welcome to the world of Oro d’Oliva, where modern formulations featuring olive oil and olive leaf extracts are combined with authentic Italian gourmet notes. A body and hair care collection enriched with organic olive oil and organic olive leaves extract (the Romans called it “Liquid gold” and the “Nectar of the Gods”) whose emollient properties help soften and protect the skin. Our signature aroma includes bright and sparkling top notes with a delicate floral bouquet at the heart. Natural ingredients will leave your skin soothed and hair softened and disciplined

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37ml Bottle - Master Case Pack

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
Shampoo - 1.25 oz. P39#01CL
Conditioner - 1.25 oz. P39#02CL
Body Lotion - 1.25 oz. P39#04CL
Body Wash - 1.25 oz. P39#03CL

Soaps - Master Case Pack

  Retail Price Inter Pack  
25 gr Wrapped Soap B1625#01CL
40 gr Wrapped Soap P1640#02CL
50 gr Wrapped Soap B1750#03CL