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Table cloths and covers used in dining areas, suites, lobbies and other hotel spaces.

Top 10 Tablecloth Questions Asked by Internet Users

A set table with a tabelcloth

How much time do you spend thinking about your tablecloths?

The answer might depend on who you are. The homeowner who only gets out the tablecloths for Thanksgiving and Christmas probably gives them a lot less thought than the bed-and-breakfast manager who’s serving three-course dinners every night.

Still, nearly every American home will use a tablecloth at least once a year, and a lot of people have questions about the right way to use them. Here are the top 10 tablecloth questions asked online. Continue reading

How to Use a Table Runner

table runnerDid you know that table runners have been used in dining rooms as far back as the Middle Ages? It’s true.

Way back in the Medieval period, table runners were used to protect rare and valuable tablecloths from messy and uncouth diners, many of whom tended to use the tablecloth in front of them as a napkin.

Dining room manners, of course, have changed quite a lot over the past thousand or so years, and today, table runners are generally used for decorative purposes. And yet they also keep expensive tables—and yes, expensive tablecloths—safe from forks, knives, liquid spills and food debris. So maybe things haven’t changed all that much after all!

If you’d like to add a table runner to your own dining room, bear in mind that they can be used for both formal and informal settings. In either situation, they bring color, texture and an added interest to your table. You can use them to celebrate special occasions, to observe the holidays, or simply to change the mood of the room.

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How to Buy a Properly Shaped Tablecloth

right size tableclothQ: How does the shape of a table make a difference when selecting a tablecloth?

A: Tablecloths have two main purposes, and only one of them involves protecting the tables in your establishment from food and drink spills, wine stains, unintentional scrapes and scratches, or any other activity that may permanently damage your table. A tablecloth’s other main purpose, of course, is to increase the aesthetic value of the room in which it happens to be displayed.

Tablecloths come in a very wide variety of materials and styles, and you’ll certainly want to take both of those factors into account while shopping for tablecloths that will work best in your inn’s dining room or the kitchen of your bed-and-breakfast. But because tables come in such a wide are variety of shapes and sizes, the specific shape and size of a tablecloth is something you’ll need to consider as well.

There are four basic shapes of tables: square, rectangle, round and oval. But tables today are available in an incredibly wide variety of sizes and configurations based on those four basic shapes. An oblong table, for instance, is a rectangle having length greater than width. An oval also has length greater than width, but it has continuous curved sides.

Below are images of four fairly common table shapes:

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