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News and information about pillows, and their implementation in hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts.

How Your Pillow Helps You Sleep – An Innkeeper’s Guide

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A pillow has a simple, yet critical, job: to keep your neck and head aligned when you sleep.

But finding the right pillow isn’t always as simple, especially when you’re not shopping for yourself, but for hundreds upon hundreds of potential guests.

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How to Wash Pillows

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The pillow is the cornerstone of the most important thing you can offer guests: A good night’s sleep. According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 91 percent of all participants listed a pillow as the most important part of getting a proper night’s rest.

And a comfortable pillow is a well-cared-for pillow. That’s why we’re going to devote this week’s blog post to proper pillow procedure: how to clean pillows, particularly how to wash down pillows. And can you wash memory foam pillows?

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How the Right Pillow Helps Us Sleep

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Choosing the right pillow for your hotel, inn, vacation rental or B&B can present a challenge. You’re catering to all kinds of people, and that means catering to all kinds of sleepers.

What is the best pillow for back sleepers? What about side sleepers? What’s the best pillow for neck pain? There are a lot of questions.

Read on for our guide on how to choose a pillow.

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How to Choose the Right Pillow

choose the right pillowThe type of pillow we use to sleep on at night doesn’t necessarily seem like the most important thing in the world, does it?

But consider this: The vast majority of us spend a full one-third of our lives in bed, with our heads placed firmly on a pillow. And if you’re using a pillow that’s too hard, too soft, too firm, or too weak, both your neck and your spine will suffer as a result.

In the short term, a low-quality pillow will also lead to a less-than-ideal night’s sleep. That’s why choosing the right pillow—the best pillow—has always been such a difficult and even agonizing decision for innkeepers.

Naturally, the comfort of an innkeeper’s guests is always a top-of-mind concern. But whether you’re running a luxury hotel or your own small household, there are a few other pillow-specific considerations to bear in mind.

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Purchasing Pillows For Your Inn

Purchasing Pillows For Your InnSince there are so many choices out in the marketplace on pillows, innkeepers are always concerned about purchasing the correct and best pillows for their Inn. We usually can solve these concerns by speaking to them about their options and budgets and sending them samples to try. The truth is that everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to pillows. So we will always advise to have a few different styles of pillows in each room and extra styles/sizes on hand.

Size of Pillows

The size of bed pillows you choose will depend on the size of the bed and the preferences of your guests and how they sleep. In general, for a twin size bed, a standard pillow would be the correct size. For a queen bed two queens is a preference and for a king bed two king pillows would fit best on the bed. We always suggest having 2 pillows in the room for each guest. It would be best to have a soft (down-like) pillow and a medium firm pillow. It is always good to have available a few down pillows and a few firm pillows (in standard, queen & king) on hand for those guests who prefer “real down” or very firm pillows. Also, guests sleeping on a king bed may prefer a smaller pillow then a king. Having these extra pillows on hand in different fills and sizes is a thoughtful accommodation for your guests who will appreciate your consideration of their sleeping needs. On our site we have a pillow menu that may help with making pillow choices for your particular property. Guests appreciate it when they can have the pillow of their choice to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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Choosing Fine Linens for a Bed and Breakfast: Pillows

The focal point of any guest room is the bed. A huge part of the experience you provide for your guest is the sleep experience. Tired pillows will not contribute to a better way to stay.
Hotel Pillows-B & B Fine Linens-Supplies for Innkeepers
When it comes to your guests everything should revolve around a good night’s sleep.

Give your guests all the comforts of home and more! Have them select from your pillow menu when making their reservations. Their pillows of choice can be waiting for them when they arrive at your inn! This is also a great addition to your gift shop. If they like the pillows they used in their room at your inn, they can purchase them and take them home!

What are the standard pillow sizes?

Boudoir Pillows – 12×16 can be used as travel pillows or to accent the bed

Standard Pillow – 20×26

King Pillow – 26×36

European Squares – 26×26 – also called Continental. These are large pillows used propped up against the headboard for support or just for their visual effect.

Neck Rolls – or bolsters are tubular pillows designed to support the head and neck while resting. The shape makes a nice decorative accent. The sizes vary.

We offer a wide variety of pillows with the needs of bed and breakfast, hotels, and inns in mind. We also have our pillow menu which you can offer your guest. That way they can choose the pillows that will fit their needs. Contact an InnStyle Representative for more information.

Customer attention and satisfaction is our trademark. Give us a call at 800-877-4667 and benefit from our knowledgeable staff.

Pillow Menu: Pillows for Innkeepers

InnStyle is the source for pillows for your inn or hotel. We supply Down, Down & Feather, Down alternative, Bamboo, Micro Fiber and Polyester Fiber fill. Pillows are available in many sizes and shapes. We also have a pillow menu that you can offer your guests so that Pillows for Innkeepers - See our Pillow Menu for Suggestionsthey can choose the pillows that will fit their needs. If you do not see the pillow you prefer, contact us and let us find the correct one for your needs.

Give your guests all the comforts of home and more! Select from our pillow menu. Your guest pillows of choice can be waiting for them when they arrive at your inn! If the guest likes the pillows they used in their room at your inn, they can purchase them at your gift shop and take them home!

Contact InnStyle for more information on our pillow selections or call us at 1-800-877-4667 for pricing and options.