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Tips and information regarding the proper care of hotel mattresses

How Often Do Hotels and Inns Replace Mattresses?

Hotel Guests resting on comfy mattress

Your hotel might have a James Beard Award-winning chef working in its kitchen.

Guests might be able to look out on a gorgeous view that lets them see for miles.

You might employ the most responsive housekeepers and the city’s most knowledgeable concierge.

But none of that will matter if your guests spend the night on a lackluster mattress. Continue reading

Innkeeper Tips: How to Clean a Mattress

Stearns and Foster Airedale Mattress

Mattress care, especially cleaning them, is a critical part of business for hotels, inns, and B&Bs.

Think about all the wear and tear your own mattress goes through, and then multiply that by the number of people sleeping at your establishment on a given week.

Here are some tips on how to clean a mattress, so that you – and your guests – can sleep better at night. Continue reading

Recycling Hotel Mattresses: Save The Environment, Cut Costs

Modern bedroom interior in the evening

Any decent hotel knows that mattresses aren’t forever. They need to be replaced on a consistent basis to offer guests a comfortable stay.

But what do hoteliers do with those old mattresses? A lot of them end up at the dump. According to the Mattress Recycling Council, more than 50,000 mattresses are dropped off at landfills every day. Continue reading

Protect Your Mattresses Using Encasements and Luggage Racks

Stearns & Foster mattress

The Stearns & Foster Airdale Luxury Mattress from InnStyle

All this month, InnStyle is having a sale on both Sealy and Stearns & Foster mattresses. The mattresses we offer from these well-known manufacturers of hospitality mattresses are of the very highest quality.

I mention this as our prices on these mattresses are always excellent … and with the November sale, they’re even better!

When selling a mattress, we always recommend purchasing mattress and box spring encasements (preferably with protection against bed-bugs).

Along with the encasements — which should be zippered and should fully encase your mattress and box spring — we advise our customers to protect their mattresses by purchasing and using luggage racks in each guest room.

Placing luggage racks in each guest room is important for any number of reasons. For starters, they protect your mattress, bedspread, coverlet or duvet against regular wear and tear. They also protect the bed itself from any dirt, grease or bedbugs that guests may have unknowingly picked up during their travels.

We offer an especially wide range of different luggage rack styles on our website.

Continue reading

Protecting Your Mattress

Sealy Hotel MattressAs a homeowner and the only person/people sleeping on your mattress, you may not be as concerned about mattress protection as an innkeeper or hotel manager.  Although it is important to use the same care as described in this article for saving your mattress investment, an innkeeper will find it even more important for their guests.

As an innkeeper or hotel owner, you cannot be too careful about protecting your mattresses from human contamination, bedbugs, dust mites, etc. So we, at InnStyle, always recommend good mattress hygiene by protecting your mattresses from bodily fluids, including blood, urine, perspiration and what cannot always be easily seen on the mattress.

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Mattress Care

All mattresses should have protection. It will give you optimal return on your mattress investment plus insure your mattress warranty. Your guests will appreciate the cleanliness & protection of a cover when using the bed. It is important to have zippered waterproof encasements for mattress and box spring for protection from dust mites, bedbugs & protection against spills, etc. These covers should be zippered (which will not need removing). You should then protect your mattress with a mattress pad for comfort. These can be washed and dried before dressing the bed for next Wholesale Mattress to Innkeepers - Hospitality Industryuse. It would be wise to have a few extra mattress pads for emergency situations.

Vacuuming is the only recommended cleaning method. If covered with a waterproof mattress cover, you should not have any stains directly on the mattress. If there is liquid on the mattress, we recommend using a towel to blot the liquid. Apply gentle pressure to absorb the liquid. Do not press the liquid into the mattress. If you must clean a stain, use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly! Don’t ever soak a mattress or foundation and don’t use dry cleaning fluid of any type on your mattress — these chemicals could damage some of the comfort and upholstery materials.

For general care, always flip and rotate the mattress. A two-sided mattress should be flipped and rotated regularly. Mattress can be flipped in Summer & again in Winter. You could then do the rotating of the mattress in Spring & Fall. Single sided mattresses should also be rotated-although you do not flip, obviously. Again, you can choose time of year and schedule all flips and rotations on a calendar.

You should also rotate your box spring once a year.

Always use a bed frame with a rigid center support that supports the head, foot, sides and center of the mattress and box spring. If using bed slats with a mattress and box spring, use at least three rigid, no-slag slats.

InnStyle can supply your Inn or Bed and Breakfast with mattresses at wholesale pricing.  Contact your InnStyle representative or call Toll Free: 1-800-877-INNS (4667) to receive Personal Service at Wholesale Pricing.