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Tips and information for dealing with guests and providing them with an exceptional guest experience.

10 Hotel Industry Trends for 2019

Woman waking up at a bed and breakfast refreshed

Regular readers of our blog know that we believe there’s one key thing every innkeeper needs to offer their guests: a good night’s rest.

It’s been true as long as there have been inns and it will be true as long as people need a place to sleep.

But that doesn’t mean our industry never changes. Smart innkeepers know that guests’ tastes can change from season to season, year to year. Here are a few hotel industry trends you should keep an eye on in 2019. Continue reading

Improve ROI by Personalizing Your Guests’ Experience

Family Checking In At Hotel Reception Smiling

It’s nice to be on a first name basis with a business.

While being addressed as “Mr.” or “Ms.” is a sign of respect, it can also feel like you’re being summoned to the principal’s office.

Your hotel guests likely feel the same way. They enjoy personalized service, whether they’re staying in a hotel or talking to their cable company. Continue reading

Innkeepers Know Repeat Guests Drive Long Term Success

In 2013, the New York Times told the story of Leslie Ciminello, a business traveler and frequent guest at the Hotel 1000 in Seattle.

Why did she keep coming back? Because the hotel would make sure to keep her room refrigerator stocked with lactose-free milk and gluten-free cereal.

“It’s one of the small but significant ways the hotel has kept her coming back,” wrote the Times’ Harriet Edelson, who noted that hotels around the country “are increasingly emphasizing personalized services that do not show up on any list of amenities.” Continue reading

How to Turn One-Time Guests into Loyal Customers

Couple doing the check-in at a hotel

Hotel, inn, vacation rental stays might be temporary, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never see your guests again. With careful planning, you can turn them into repeat customers.

Repeat customers are good business: it’s easier to keep them than it is to attract new clients, and they’ll spend more than someone staying with you for the first time.

Continue reading

Add a Gift Shop to Your Inn

All Cotton Sheets

Your inn’s comfortable sheets are a great item to sell in your gift shop.

If you are an innkeeper and you have a shelf or a corner of a room in your property, you should consider using this space for a gift shop. Gift shops are a great way for innkeepers to earn a little extra income. You do not need a lot of space, just a small area in which you can display some products that you may currently be using in your inn. Many of our innkeepers have been using our InnStyle 600 Wrinkle Free Sheets for the beds in their bed and breakfasts or inns. Their guests love these sheets, comment how wonderful they are to sleep on and want to purchase them. On a shelf, a set of sheets can be displayed with a list of sizes and prices. You can take orders to be shipped direct to your customer by InnStyle. It really is that easy! Continue reading

Plastic Laundry Bags for Innkeepers

The smallest details can help provide guests with better service.

InnStyle has recently added one of these ‘finer details’ to our inventory of amenities. The 14 x 24 inch plastic laundry/valet bag.

We have products such as 9 oz. wrapped cups, trash can liners, combs, individually wrapped toothbrushes, shower caps, toothpaste, deodorant, various types of razor blades and many other amenities for your property – all at competitive prices.

To view our full line of amenities for innkeepers visit our website or to order our plastic laundry bags, please contact us at 267-354-6020 or toll-free at 1-800-877-INNS (4667).

InnStyle Adds Informational Blog to Their Website

InnStyle, a leading source of innkeeper supplies and linens, has added an informational blog to their website offering tips to innkeepers and bed and breakfast owners.


The new InnStyle blog will be offering information and industry tips for national innkeepers and bed and breakfast owners. With InnStyle’s 50 years of experience they hope to create a forum in which both established and up and coming guesthouse owners can receive insights into helpful tips and exchange industry information on such topics as bed bug protection, stain removal, the importance of pillows and amenities, plus much more.

InnStyle offers a wide variety of wholesale supplies from institutional to designer quality for inns, bed and breakfast, hotels and guesthouses. The staff at InnStyle not only provides quality merchandise, they provide personal service in choosing the right products. Their personal account services have been the trademark of InnStyle for 50 years. Knowledge, experience and personalized service is the goal of InnStyle’s sales staff. They will become your Personal Shopper.

InnStyle, a wholesale fine linens supplier for bed, bath and dining to the inn keeping industry, has been servicing guest services and the hospitality industry since 1952 with their personalized shopping services. For more information visit www.innstyle.com.