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Information regarding green products and environmentally safe products used in hotel cleaning.

Innkeepers: Why Go Green?

There's more and more pressure for business owners to go green today.

We have been hearing it for years:

Go Green!

Purchase and use environmentally friendly products!  Protect Mother Earth.

Recycle. Protect our natural resources! Green products are good for the Earth!

And we understand. At InnStyle, we’re always striving to find products that will work well for the innkeepers who make up our customer base and any needs or concerns they have with those products. Continue reading

It’s Easy To Have A “Green” Inn With Eco-Friendly Products

“Going Green” seems to be the rage these days, and for good reason. Green products minimize exposure to toxins, such as the harmful chemicals often found in fabrics, building materials and products for personal use. Eco-friendly bedding and bath products are safer for the environment by taking advantage of toxic-free and recycled materials. Green bedding and bath products are usually less irritable and free from toxins.

InnStyle Organic Pure Linen Sheets

InnStyle has embraced the green movement, adding organic and ecologically responsible products to their inventory. Soft, breathable, eco-friendly products, including sheets, coverlets, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, towels, bath rugs, robes and bath products are available at InnStyle. Green products include:

  1. Organic Massage Table Sheets: 100% organic cotton-available in 220 percale or Flannel. Includes face cradle, flat and fitted sheets.
  2. NEW Organic Pure Linen Sheets: Made in USA, especially for the organic “purist”, of Pure Organic Linen, these sheets are elegant, with natural sheen and body. These sheets are pre-washed, pre-shrunk and needs minimal ironing. For best results line dry over a shower rod and straighten with hands while damp. Linen gets softer with each washing.
  3. Organic Cotton Honeycomb Jacquard Blanket: This jacquard woven blanket is made of pure 100% organic cotton and is weighty, comforting and completely machine washable. Available in several colors.
  4. NEW Sig|Natüra: World Class Charm Meets Modern Sophistication in our new personal care amenities. Sig|Natüra offers modern style from a budget friendly, eco-conscious perspective. This unique Eco-Efficient Doypack is a resealable, stand-alone pouch that utilizes 65% less plastic than a typical 30 ml bottle. Features a multiple use, tamper-evident attached resealable cap that guarantees safety and prevents clogged drains.
  5. Bamboo Robe: Silky soft and absorbent bath robe made from 65% bamboo from rayon and 35% combed Egyptian cotton material. This shawl style robe has a fabric sash, two front patch pockets and a generous fit. Quickly absorbs water yet dries more rapidly between uses. Available in 4 colors. SKAL approved. Machine wash and dry.

If you do not see the ‘green’ product you are looking for, please contact us.