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Information and industry updates regarding fine hotel linens and similar bedding material within the hospitality industry.

How to Make the Perfect Bed

how to make a bed

Whether you’re running a three-room bed and breakfast from your quaint seaside cottage or a bustling 50-room boutique hotel in a trendy urban locale, making the perfect bed is one of your most important tasks.

Large hotels understand the importance most travelers place on getting a good night’s rest in a comfortable and luxurious bed, so much so that hotel chains have spent millions of dollars in recent years in what industry insiders have dubbed “the bed wars”.

Thanks to research conducted by large hotel chains, one thing we do know is that by and large, guests tend to associate white bedding as being the most comfortable, luxurious and calming. Do remember, though, that such a simple color palette need not be boring. You can really let your creativity shine by mixing up multiple layers and textures, and by accessorizing with tasteful pops of color.

Here, we’ll show you not only how to protect one of your most important investments — your mattresses — but also how to make your bed in the manner that will be most appealing to your guests.

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Cozy Up with Down Blankets this Fall

What is the difference between a down blanket and a down duvet?

Bedding Collections: Down BlanketsGenerally speaking, down blankets are more lightweight. They use a sewn-through (or stitch-through) construction, where the top layer of ticking is sewn directly onto the bottom layer to keep the down evenly distributed. Down blankets are typically sized a bit more generously than a duvet, as they’re often used in lieu of a duvet, woven blanket, or coverlet. Many of our customers use a down or down alternative blanket as a third sheeting instead of a traditional blanket. It is a good choice for those who do “turn-down” service as it looks lovely when guests return to their room after dinner.

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