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Solutions and systems to deal with bed bugs, and how they are affecting the hotel industry

Exterminating the Myths About Bed Bugs in Hotels

White linen bed in hotel room

It’s time once again to talk about something that no innkeeper wants to discuss, but every innkeeper needs to discuss: bed bugs.

These pests aren’t something you can afford to take lightly, as bed bugs in hotels can severely mar your guests’ experience.

At the same time, it’s important not to treat bed bugs like the boogeyman. Let’s spend some time eradicating some common myths about bed bugs in hotels with the help of National Geographic. Continue reading

Three Ways to Keep Bed Bugs at Bay

bed bugsPeople expect inconsistency. We figure things will fluctuate: the stock market will go up and down, the weather will get colder, then hotter.

And because we focus on these changes, we often overlook trends.

Let’s look at bed bugs. You might say the proliferation of these pests in the past few years will eventually pass, but the facts don’t support this theory.

According to a 2013 survey of pest control professionals, 99.6 percent of the companies questioned had handled a bed bug infestation in the previous 12 months, up from 99 percent in 2011 and 95 percent in 2010.

Despite these numbers, you may think that your home or business isn’t susceptible to a bed bug infestation.

But sometimes bed bug problems have nothing to do with you. The people that visit or stay at your home or business bring their own cleaning habits with them. Luggage that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned or checked can transport bugs into a home. And while your visitors might frown on you inspecting their bags, you can try to clean their rooms after they’ve gone to prevent a bed bug invasion.

If you’re a traveler, unpack your suitcase downstairs when you get home and clean it. Take every item out and wash and dry it before bringing any clothes or your suitcase back into your bedroom.

Here are three other ways that you can reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation at your home or business.

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Bed Bug Protection and the Bed and Breakfast Supplies Industry

Warning: This Post Is Not For The Squeamish

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has much to be proud of.

It is a unique city comprised of neighborhoods, each with its own identity. The quality of life is affordable. Sports fans are the most fiercely loyal (and unabashedly honest) in the country. Several of the nation’s finest colleges and universities calls Philadelphia home. The art and music scene is world-class. There are countless fine-dining experiences and even more amazing neighborhood restaurants and cool diners to satisfy any palate.

Hoagies. Cheesesteaks. Pretzels.

And then there’s the history. It goes without saying.

However, Philadelphia has just been bestowed a rather dubious “honor”, overtaking New York City, as being the most bed bug infested city in the nation, according to pest control giant, Terminix. Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco and Washington DC have also been named as cities with a growing bed bug infestation problem.

In Philadelphia, as well as across the country, the rampant bed bug issue has become a major source of concern for the hospitality industry. Once eliminated by the use of DDT (which was banned for use in the US in 1972), bug bed infestation has grown steadily due to greater international travel, the use of non-effective treatments to which the pests have now become resistant, and a general disregard of the advancing epidemic over the years.

InnStyle, the source for innkeeper supplies and linens since 1952, offers many solutions to Bed Bug Protection - InnStyle the bed and breakfast and the hospitality industry. For example, InnStyle carries products to enclose and defend vulnerable soft surfaces from the pests, such as mattress and box spring encasement, anti bed bug sheets and pillow protectors. InnStyle also carries Rest Easy Bug Spray, an environmentally green and all-natural product proven to kill bed bugs and prevent infestation. It is easy for hospitality staff to use and has a natural cinnamon scent.

InnStyle also offers tips on how to defend the hospitality property from this bed bug epidemic. Please visit their website to take advantage of this helpful tip sheet at: https://www.innstyle.com/images/BEDBUGSmay609.pdf.

With diligent attention and protective products from InnStyle, the hospitality property or bed and breakfast proprietor need not fear that these pests will negatively impact their business.

Even in Philly.

Contact InnStyle for more information on how to protect your property with Bed Bug Protection – Call us at 800-877-INNS (4667)

Bed Bug Protection

Reduce the occurrence and impact that bed bugs can have on your business.

Luggage bags are a common method of transporting bed bugs from one location to another, especially for airline travelers. When infested luggage is placed on a bed, bed bugs will look to hide under the bed during daylight hours and make their presence felt in the darkness of evening.

Consider having luggage racks in your rooms to discourage guests from using beds for unpacking their luggage.

Bed bugs favorite nesting places are mattress foundations (box springs) followed by mattresses and then other areas of the room that can provide shelter away from the light. Examples of these are: padded headboards, underneath furniture and behind wall hangings.

Bed Bug Protection-BedGuard Mattress EncasementConsider fully encasing your mattress foundations (box springs) and your mattresses with  a product that is bed bug bite proof and entry proof. This product should also be waterproof since most mattress warranties can be voided if the mattress has stains. An excellent example of a product satisfying these requirements is Stretch Knit encasements.

You should also consider spraying a product in your rooms, such as Rest Easy , which has been tested to kill bed bugs yet is environmentally friendly.

InnStyle has both of those products available, as well as other products that provide bed bug protection.