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The unique challenges and information faced by small bed and breakfast establishments.

Why Stay in a B&B?

bed and breakfastWhen you think of business travel, the images that come to mind are pretty drab.

Airports, rental cars, meeting rooms, never getting a chance to experience the place you’re visiting.

But what if that could be different? Business travelers don’t often consider a bed and breakfast stay, although a majority of B&Bs say they make efforts to accommodate these guests.

If you want to get business travelers to consider staying at your bed and breakfast, remember these selling points:

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Which Offers More Comfort: A Hotel, B&B or a Vacation Rental?

Difference Between Hotel And B&BWhen the first economy hotels opened years ago, they catered to people whose top priority was price.

Their clientele were families on a budget, or business travelers moving from town to town and needing little more than a clean bed and bath.

But as time went on, these hotels began to upgrade. They provided free breakfast, bought better bath towels and duvets and – when the time came – began offering free WiFi. That’s why today’s traveler is expecting more, and often getting more for their money.

And it’s not just hotels. I’ve been advising our bed and breakfast customers for years that they must step up their game to compete.

B&B and country inn properties have always offered amenities, clean and well-put-together rooms, terrific breakfasts, and concierge services. (Innkeepers are very knowledgeable about their towns).

But as time has passed, hotels have also begun to offer breakfast and some amenities. (Although we’ve noticed this doesn’t always extend to bath amenities other then soap & shampoo, unless you ask for them specifically).

So if hotels are offering some of the amenities as bed and breakfasts, what’s the difference between a hotel and a B&B?

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How to Choose the Proper Size Tablecloth for Your Table

Choosing the proper size tablecloth for your table is easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

how to choose the proper size tableclothFor a square or oblong table:

  1. Measure the length and width of the table.
  2. Decide on the drop you prefer. A typical drop ranges between 10″ to 12″. If you want your tablecloth to go to the floor, then the drop would usually be 30” (a typical table height), but always measure.
  3. Add the amount of the drop multiplied by two to both the length and the width of the table. (i.e., If the table measures 42″W x 84″L and you want a 12″ drop, then the oblong tablecloth should measure 66″ [42″W+24″ total drop] x 108″ [84″L + 24″ total drop.])

For a Round Table:

  1. Measure the diameter of your table.
  2. Decide on the length of the drop.
  3. Add the amount of the drop multiplied by two to the diameter of the table. (i.e., If the table measures 60″ in diameter and you want it to go to the floor with a 30″ drop, then the round tablecloth should measure 120″ [60″ diameter + 60″ total drop].)

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5 Uses For Area Rugs For Innkeepers

Whether long and narrow, short and wide or one that covers the entire floor surface, area rugs do so much more than simply cover the floor. InnStyle, the “one stop shop” for innkeepers, carries a huge selection of area rugs of all shapes, styles and purposes. Any innkeeper is sure to find the area rug that perfectly suits their needs, such as:

Area Run Innstyle

  1. Change the entire appearance of a room: Standard rectangular rugs provide both utility and elegance while circular and octagonal rugs add a unique look. Quickly and economically change the “theme” of your space just by adding or replacing the area rug.
  2. Add warmth and safety to a bathroom: Replace the floor towel outside the shower or tub with a small absorbent rug that has a “sticky” bottom for safety. Use an area rug as a rug runner in front of the bathroom vanity for warmth and elegance. Place an area rug at an angle in the center of the bathroom to make it an interesting focal point.
  3. Have your foyer make a statement: The right area rug placed in the foyer can speak volumes about what your guests can expect and really make guests entering your home feel welcome. Change the rug seasonally to keep repeat guests guessing, “What’s different?”
  4. Spice up a dining room: Place the area rug in such a way that it adds flair and provides separation if blending the kitchen and dining room decor. In larger dining areas or in eating areas separate from the kitchen, use area rugs to add elegance or a dramatic flair.
  5. Make your guest rooms memorable: Area rugs are excellent style upgrades and are affordable options for floors that need updating when there’s no budget for a flooring makeover. Add style to an otherwise bland room, or modify the decor of a room designed toward an “aging” trend.

InnStyle is the source for innkeeper supplies and linens since 1952. We offer a complete line of quality products and services to add to the hospitality of your bed and breakfast, inn or establishment. In addition to products shown on this web site, we can special order almost any product you find in other catalogs or stores.  Please feel free to call us at 1-800-877-4667 or e-mail us for more information.