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Helping Customers Choose the Best Products

Young couple standing at hotel corridor upon arrivalAt InnStyle, we live by a simple rule:

Treat our customers – whether they own hotels, beds and breakfasts, vacation rental properties or other commercial entity– as well as they would treat their guests.

When we speak to our customers in person, over the phone or via e-mail, we want to be certain they know how much we value their business.

That’s why we’re excited to be heading to the annual AIHP conference at the end of January. Going to a conference is always an exciting time, as it gives us the opportunity to reconnect with long-time clients and meet future customers.

We find that our customers appreciate the time allowed to visit our booth, see what products we’re offering, and learn the benefits each one brings. Whether it’s getting the feel of a towel or laying on a mattress, we’re happy to let potential customers experience our products, and are always ready to answer their questions.

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5 Types of Robes to Keep Your Guests Comfortable

robeFor bed and breakfast owners who offer robes in their rooms, it’s not that unusual these days to see guests wearing a robe to breakfast.

That’s how much visitors love these robes. And who can blame them? There’s nothing like a warm, soft bathrobe to take the chill out of a cold morning.

The sight of a guest wearing a robe to breakfast would have been unusual years ago. But that’s not the only thing that’s different. The types of robes offered to guests at beds and breakfasts, spas and resorts have changed as well.

It used to be that terrycloth robes were the most common types of robe in the market, with velour showing up more often  in higher-end catalogs and hotels.

But over the years, robe manufacturers have come up with many different kinds of robes, with different fabrics, styling, colors and sizing and weights. Here’s a look at five of the most popular robe varieties.

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Is Your Pool Furniture Ready for the Summer?

Young woman in big hat relaxing near the pool with laptop

If your bed and breakfast or your rental property has a pool, it’s probably something that’s at the front of your mind as summer approaches.

Among the many questions you may need to answer in the next few months as you shop for B&B supplies: “Which pool furniture best meets our needs?”

Fortunately, we have an answer: Grosfillex.

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Bring In Extra Revenue With an Inn Gift Shop

When someone takes a trip, they bring home souvenirs. They go to the Jersey shore, they inn gift shopbring back seashells. They visit Canada, they pick up some maple syrup.

But what if one of the most memorable parts of someone’s trip was their hotel room?

Many innkeepers are taking advantage of this idea – and thus creating more revenue — by taking a space on their property and essentially turning it into a gift shop where guests can purchase the sheets, towels, robes, and other amenities they’ve enjoyed during their stay.

Guests enjoy having luxury linens and other comforts when they travel, giving them a break from the familiar sheets, towels, mattresses and blankets they use at home. Some of them even call InnStyle directly to purchase these products. But these customers could – and should – be purchasing through you.

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How to Use a Table Runner

runnerWhen we set out to blog about table runners, we decided to look into the history of these unique decorative items.

There doesn’t seem to be a definitive origin story for table runners, but most writers we found seem to agree they came about in the Middle Ages.

As blogger Amy Isaman put it:

“Apparently, back in medieval times, people would wipe their faces on the table cloth. Eventually, thank God, this became unacceptable and somebody invented napkins, but people still ate like pigs and spilled their food and drinks all over the tablecloths which then had to be laundered, so some wise woman invented the table runner to protect the table cloth.”

The idea was that the table runner would catch all the spills and dropped food, and then be gathered up for cleaning at the end of the night, leaving the pristine tablecloth behind. Tablecloths and table runners became standard dining fixtures by the 1600s.

Hopefully, you’ll be using your table runners for decorative, and not simply practical, reasons. Here are 10 ways you can put one into play in your home:

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InnStyle: In Our Own Words

sheets2The Professional Association of Innkeepers’ 2016 conference is just a few months away. The PAII sent us a questionnaire to fill out, and as we did, we realized they’d given us a great opportunity to share our story with the world. Here’s what we had to say.

1. In 500 words or less, please tell us about your business:

We have been in business since 1952. We began with a store called County Linen Center in Doylestown, Pa. (Bucks County), selling linens for bed, bath and dining for the home. Since we had many local hotels purchasing from us, we recognized that innkeepers could not purchase luxury linens in small quantities at wholesale pricing.

So we went nationwide in 1988, calling ourselves InnStyle. At that time, most hospitality industry suppliers only offered products by the dozens and did not offer fashion products.

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How to Use a Table Runner

table runnerDid you know that table runners have been used in dining rooms as far back as the Middle Ages? It’s true.

Way back in the Medieval period, table runners were used to protect rare and valuable tablecloths from messy and uncouth diners, many of whom tended to use the tablecloth in front of them as a napkin.

Dining room manners, of course, have changed quite a lot over the past thousand or so years, and today, table runners are generally used for decorative purposes. And yet they also keep expensive tables—and yes, expensive tablecloths—safe from forks, knives, liquid spills and food debris. So maybe things haven’t changed all that much after all!

If you’d like to add a table runner to your own dining room, bear in mind that they can be used for both formal and informal settings. In either situation, they bring color, texture and an added interest to your table. You can use them to celebrate special occasions, to observe the holidays, or simply to change the mood of the room.

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