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7 Rules for Using Hotel Bedding to Improve ROI

We’ve been in business long enough to have seen trends in the hospitality industry rise and hotel beddingfall. But when it comes to hotel, bed and breakfast, country inns and vacation rental properties bedding, one thing hasn’t changed: guests will always want comfort and quality.

That’s why we’ve decided to share these rules from Questex’s Hotel Management website on improving your return on investment with your properties’ bedding.

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“Certified Organic” Includes More Than Just Organic Cotton Sheets

organic cotton sheetsAt InnStyle, we’ve long offered products that carry the “certified organic” label, but what does that distinction really mean in connection to the organic cotton sheets, towels, etc. we sell?

Organic certification only applies to cotton grown according to strict requirements governing fiber production and processing and the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

In this blog post, we’ll look at two of the international organizations that certify organic products such as cotton sheets, cotton towels and other cotton products such as robes, duvets, etc..

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Mattress Toppers: Keep a Feather Bed or Fiber Bed on Hand

mattress toppersWhen you’ve been in business for more than 60 years, people come to you with questions.

For example: When would you suggest purchasing  mattress toppers for our beds?

And the answer is that a mattress topper is something hotels, vacation rentals and bed & breakfast owners should consider if they’ve just bought a new mattress, or are trying to salvage an older one.

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Guests Want Clean, Comfortable Beds

white sheetsGuests want clean rooms. It’s a fairly obvious statement, and one that’s been proven by customer surveys.

Your customers expect your rooms and beds to meet their expectations, and if that doesn’t happen, they’ll complain to management and ask for a remedy: a different room.

We addressed this issue in our last blog post about clean white sheets, towels and bed bugs. A tired-looking room, with a worn carpet, faded draperies, broken blinds or ripped towels sends the wrong message. Every guest deserves a well-appointed and clean room every time.

What else do guests want? Here’s a list:

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Give The Gift Of Warmth To A Homeless Person

Donate A Blanket For The Homeless“It’s better to give than to receive.”

That little bit of wisdom tends to come up a lot during the winter holidays. It’s only after we get a little older – and gain some wisdom of our own – that we discover it’s true.

When we’re kids, part of the joy of Christmas comes from getting gifts. When we grow up, we discover the joy of giving gifts.

And while it feels great to give gifts to your family and friends, what if you could give a gift to a stranger?

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What Is Napped Fabric?

nappedIn a recent blog post, we discussed a number of the different types of blankets we have for sale, including cotton, down-filled, and polyester fleece.

But we didn’t mention blankets made from a napped fabric, which are an important – and extremely comfortable – part of our collection, available for sale on our website.

Napped fabric refers to a process in which both sides of a piece of woven or knit fabric are teased and raised and/or sheared off to make them even. The raised fibers of napped fabric all lie in one direction, making the fabric look and feel different when seen or touched from different angles.

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What’s On Your Pillow Menu?

pillows for hotels, B&B, innsA few years ago, I was at a conference for innkeepers, camped out at my booth showing some of InnStyle’s products.

A colleague of mine – a former innkeeper who had become an industry consultant – stopped by the booth to ask if I could give her some pillow samples to show during her seminar.

Of course I was happy to oblige, and to act as a sort of teacher to a few of her aspiring innkeeper “students” who wanted to learn about our pillows and other products.

It was a pleasure to meet these upcoming innkeepers, allow them to try out our products – by touching and even laying on the pillows – and to explain some of the choices they had when it came to buying new pillows.

And I learned something as well that day at the conference: My former innkeeper colleague suggested I create a pillow menu for our website.

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