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Tips, news and methods involving the threat of bed bugs, and ways to protect against an infestation.

Guests Want Clean Sheets and Towels (And No Bed Bugs)

After almost 30 years of serving the hospitality industry, I have seen many changes, but one thing has remained the same:

Whether people are on vacation or traveling for business, they want to stay in a clean room with clean sheets, clean towels and clean bedding.

Guests have become even more conscious of room cleanliness in recent years thanks to some high-profile and widespread beg bug invasions.

We’ve written blog posts in the past about protecting a room and a bed against bed bugs. If guest finds – or worse, is bitten by – a bed bug, it can be an expensive proposition.

That’s why protection is your best prevention. Be vigilant in checking your room each time a guest checks in our checks out.

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The Hospitality Industry is Constantly Evolving

continentalWe just returned from the AIHP conference in Nashville and I was reflecting on why attending these types of events is so important…

My husband and I have traveled quite often during our 50 years together, staying in a variety of resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts and “economy hotels”.

And when we began to enjoy longer stays at vacation rental properties in Florida, I noticed many of the “economy” properties we stopped at during our trips to and from the Sunshine State were no longer providing  just “economy” quality and service.

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Bed Bugs Make Bad Travel Buddies

bed bug protectionHotels are bed bug hives.

Okay, so this description is going to sound unflattering to those who work in the hospitality industry.  But for pest control professionals, it’s difficult to view hotels the way the rest of society sees hotels. After all, hotels solicit the services of pest control professionals more than most people would guess (or care to know).

While some hotels don’t clean enough or educate their staff about spotting bed bugs, most establishments have bed bug problems because of factors outside of their control. Simply put, hotels can’t search their guests’ luggage, find out their cleaning habits, or examine individual articles of clothing, all of which are prime causes of bed bug outbreaks.

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Three Ways to Keep Bed Bugs at Bay

bed bugsPeople expect inconsistency. We figure things will fluctuate: the stock market will go up and down, the weather will get colder, then hotter.

And because we focus on these changes, we often overlook trends.

Let’s look at bed bugs. You might say the proliferation of these pests in the past few years will eventually pass, but the facts don’t support this theory.

According to a 2013 survey of pest control professionals, 99.6 percent of the companies questioned had handled a bed bug infestation in the previous 12 months, up from 99 percent in 2011 and 95 percent in 2010.

Despite these numbers, you may think that your home or business isn’t susceptible to a bed bug infestation.

But sometimes bed bug problems have nothing to do with you. The people that visit or stay at your home or business bring their own cleaning habits with them. Luggage that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned or checked can transport bugs into a home. And while your visitors might frown on you inspecting their bags, you can try to clean their rooms after they’ve gone to prevent a bed bug invasion.

If you’re a traveler, unpack your suitcase downstairs when you get home and clean it. Take every item out and wash and dry it before bringing any clothes or your suitcase back into your bedroom.

Here are three other ways that you can reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation at your home or business.

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How to Maximize the Life of Your Mattresses

mattressesA comfortable mattress is not only a necessity, but also an investment into your health and well-being.

We all rely on our mattresses to provide us with a clean and comfortable night’s rest. Unfortunately, the quality of a mattress is often overlooked until you start experiencing an achy back or lose multiple nights of sleep.

While there is not a single type of mattress that is perfect for everyone, taking a few steps to capitalize on the life of your mattress can make you realize other multiple health benefits.

Here are a few tips that will help your mattresses last a little bit longer.

Keep the Mattress Dry

The one thing that can cut back on the life of your mattress is moisture. Whenever you sleep, your body generates moisture in the form of sweat that gets trapped in your blankets or the mattress. This becomes even more persistent during the spring and summer months, particularly if you reside in a humid environment where the air remains damp, which prevents the evaporation of moisture.

The trapped moisture can get the spring and the foam inside affected. Worse still, the mattress can sag, grow mold, develop rust, or give off an unpleasant odor if not aerated and dried as soon as possible.

To protect your mattress from moisture, leave it uncovered for awhile after waking up in order to aerate it. In the case of spillage, wipe the affected area immediately with a towel. Directing a fan or a blower at an uncovered bed can also help drive away the moisture.

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How to Best Protect Your Mattress: Our Top Product Recommendations

protect your mattressWhile many factors will affect the longevity of your mattress (its original quality, for instance, and the amount of use), cleaning your mattress on a regular basis and protecting it from spills, insects, and even allergens can help you get the most from your investment.

As our regular readers will remember, we briefly touched on the topic of mattress protection in a recent blog post titled “How to Make the Perfect Bed”.  In this post we’ll delve more deeply into the topic of the care and protection of your mattress, and provide you with a list of our favorite products to accomplish this important task.

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Protect Your Mattresses Using Encasements and Luggage Racks

Stearns & Foster mattress

The Stearns & Foster Airdale Luxury Mattress from InnStyle

All this month, InnStyle is having a sale on both Sealy and Stearns & Foster mattresses. The mattresses we offer from these well-known manufacturers of hospitality mattresses are of the very highest quality.

I mention this as our prices on these mattresses are always excellent … and with the November sale, they’re even better!

When selling a mattress, we always recommend purchasing mattress and box spring encasements (preferably with protection against bed-bugs).

Along with the encasements — which should be zippered and should fully encase your mattress and box spring — we advise our customers to protect their mattresses by purchasing and using luggage racks in each guest room.

Placing luggage racks in each guest room is important for any number of reasons. For starters, they protect your mattress, bedspread, coverlet or duvet against regular wear and tear. They also protect the bed itself from any dirt, grease or bedbugs that guests may have unknowingly picked up during their travels.

We offer an especially wide range of different luggage rack styles on our website.

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Protecting Your Mattress

Sealy Hotel MattressAs a homeowner and the only person/people sleeping on your mattress, you may not be as concerned about mattress protection as an innkeeper or hotel manager.  Although it is important to use the same care as described in this article for saving your mattress investment, an innkeeper will find it even more important for their guests.

As an innkeeper or hotel owner, you cannot be too careful about protecting your mattresses from human contamination, bedbugs, dust mites, etc. So we, at InnStyle, always recommend good mattress hygiene by protecting your mattresses from bodily fluids, including blood, urine, perspiration and what cannot always be easily seen on the mattress.

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Bed Bug Protection and the Bed and Breakfast Supplies Industry

Warning: This Post Is Not For The Squeamish

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has much to be proud of.

It is a unique city comprised of neighborhoods, each with its own identity. The quality of life is affordable. Sports fans are the most fiercely loyal (and unabashedly honest) in the country. Several of the nation’s finest colleges and universities calls Philadelphia home. The art and music scene is world-class. There are countless fine-dining experiences and even more amazing neighborhood restaurants and cool diners to satisfy any palate.

Hoagies. Cheesesteaks. Pretzels.

And then there’s the history. It goes without saying.

However, Philadelphia has just been bestowed a rather dubious “honor”, overtaking New York City, as being the most bed bug infested city in the nation, according to pest control giant, Terminix. Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco and Washington DC have also been named as cities with a growing bed bug infestation problem.

In Philadelphia, as well as across the country, the rampant bed bug issue has become a major source of concern for the hospitality industry. Once eliminated by the use of DDT (which was banned for use in the US in 1972), bug bed infestation has grown steadily due to greater international travel, the use of non-effective treatments to which the pests have now become resistant, and a general disregard of the advancing epidemic over the years.

InnStyle, the source for innkeeper supplies and linens since 1952, offers many solutions to Bed Bug Protection - InnStyle the bed and breakfast and the hospitality industry. For example, InnStyle carries products to enclose and defend vulnerable soft surfaces from the pests, such as mattress and box spring encasement, anti bed bug sheets and pillow protectors. InnStyle also carries Rest Easy Bug Spray, an environmentally green and all-natural product proven to kill bed bugs and prevent infestation. It is easy for hospitality staff to use and has a natural cinnamon scent.

InnStyle also offers tips on how to defend the hospitality property from this bed bug epidemic. Please visit their website to take advantage of this helpful tip sheet at:

With diligent attention and protective products from InnStyle, the hospitality property or bed and breakfast proprietor need not fear that these pests will negatively impact their business.

Even in Philly.

Contact InnStyle for more information on how to protect your property with Bed Bug Protection – Call us at 800-877-INNS (4667)

Bed Bug Protection

Reduce the occurrence and impact that bed bugs can have on your business.

Luggage bags are a common method of transporting bed bugs from one location to another, especially for airline travelers. When infested luggage is placed on a bed, bed bugs will look to hide under the bed during daylight hours and make their presence felt in the darkness of evening.

Consider having luggage racks in your rooms to discourage guests from using beds for unpacking their luggage.

Bed bugs favorite nesting places are mattress foundations (box springs) followed by mattresses and then other areas of the room that can provide shelter away from the light. Examples of these are: padded headboards, underneath furniture and behind wall hangings.

Bed Bug Protection-BedGuard Mattress EncasementConsider fully encasing your mattress foundations (box springs) and your mattresses with  a product that is bed bug bite proof and entry proof. This product should also be waterproof since most mattress warranties can be voided if the mattress has stains. An excellent example of a product satisfying these requirements is Stretch Knit encasements.

You should also consider spraying a product in your rooms, such as Rest Easy , which has been tested to kill bed bugs yet is environmentally friendly.

InnStyle has both of those products available, as well as other products that provide bed bug protection.