How Often Do Hotels and Inns Replace Mattresses?

Hotel Guests resting on comfy mattress

Your hotel might have a James Beard Award-winning chef working in its kitchen.

Guests might be able to look out on a gorgeous view that lets them see for miles.

You might employ the most responsive housekeepers and the city’s most knowledgeable concierge.

But none of that will matter if your guests spend the night on a lackluster mattress.

No matter how luxurious a hotel or inn is, the most important product it can serve to its customers is a comfortable bed. Mattress replacement is a critical part of that experience.

Why do we need to replace mattresses?

Couple in comfy bedYou probably know from your own sleeping experience that mattresses become less comfortable as times goes by.

There’s a big difference between a mattress that’s five months old and one that’s five years old. But you might not notice that difference, as you sleep on the mattress every night. Your guests, on the other hand, will notice an uncomfortable mattress right away.

And it’s not just about comfort. Replacing mattresses is a matter of cleanliness. Unchanged bedding can become a breeding ground for germs, as well as pests such as bed bugs and dust mites, which feed on the dander that collects inside mattresses.

How often should we replace mattresses?

It really depends on your establishment, but the average seems to be anywhere from three to five years. Some establishments will sell their old mattresses to other hotels or give them away to an organization such as Habitat for Humanity.

Laytex Granules recycled for pillowsAnother option is to recycle your mattresses. It can give these products a new life in several different ways. For example:

  • The soft commodities such as fiber and foam are compressed and transformed in things like stuffing for pillows and upholstery, insulation, carpet pads, pet beds and oil filters.
  • Scrap recycling companies will welcome your old box springs and other metal components from your mattress. The recyclers will sell these parts to foundries and steel mills for use in construction materials, auto parts and tools.
  • The wood from old mattresses can become flooring, wood pellets, mulch, pressed wood and compost, while the cotton becomes linen papers and oil spill containment rags.

Recycling old bedding when you replace mattresses offers innkeepers a responsible way of conserving resources and making sure guests get a good night’s sleep.

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To find out more about our mattress collection, and all our bed and bath products, contact our sales team. We’ll be happy to help you find something that makes your guests more comfortable.

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