Innkeepers Christmas Gift Ideas

Gifts under the tree

You’re a busy innkeeper. So busy, in fact, that while the rest of America was braving the crowds on Black Friday, you were at work, immersed in the busiest travel weekend of the year.

Now, with 13 shopping days left until Christmas, you’ve begun to feel the pinch. You need to buy gifts for your loved ones, but you just don’t have the time.

Don’t worry. InnStyle has you covered. The gifts in our online gift shop aren’t just great for your guests. Let’s take a look at a few innkeeper’s Christmas gift ideas for this year.

Innkeepers Christmas gift ideas…for the person who loves to entertain

Cocktail napkinsOutside it’s cold and grey. It’s the perfect season for cozy indoor gatherings, warm drinks and comfort food. And yet…it’s only natural that we dream of warmer climates, and of the day when we’ll be able to entertain outdoors once again.

You can add a splash of summer to any get-together with our collection of cocktail napkins from Sfrerra. This collection includes:

  • Bevande cocktail napkins, which are sophisticated pure white hemstitched linen embroidered with colorful drinks.
  • Fiori cocktail napkins, which bring a touch of floral elegance to any gathering. Made from 100 percent linen and decorated with cheerful blossoms.
  • Frutta cocktail napkins, embroidered with sweet, summery fruits and designed to add a splash of sophistication to any party.
  • Insetti cocktail napkins, decorated with intricate, friendly insect designs, these lively creatures are sure to get noticed at your next gathering.

Innkeepers Christmas gift ideas…for the person who needs to relax

Waffle Weave RobeEvery time you talk to your sister, your brother-in-law, your friend from college, they tell you how stressed they feel.

Maybe they’re working long hours but never seem to get ahead. Maybe their kid is falling behind at school. Maybe it’s that they have mold in their basement.

A simple holiday gift isn’t going to solve any of these problems, of course. But you can maybe help them relax or sleep better with our classic Cambric Down pillow, available in three density options and filled with 100 percent Snow White down.

Help them get a good night’s sleep with a new set of sheets, like our 600 thread count 100 percent combed Pima cotton sheets, available in both soft white and cream for beds of all sizes. One of our customers called them “the softest, most heavenly sheets you will ever feel.”

And don’t forget how relaxing a quality bathrobe can feel. Try our spa waffle weave, made from 100 percent cotton, or textured waffle kimono robes.

Innkeepers Christmas Gift Ideas…for the person who values cleanliness

Fresh Wave ProductsWe all know someone who…shall we say…has high standards for cleanliness. Every “I” is dotted, every “t” is crossed when you visit their home. Things always smell fresh and clean.

Help them maintain that vibe with our Fresh Wave products, an all-natural solution for getting rid of household odors – from cigarette smoke to pet-related smells – without any masking fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Fresh Wave is available in sprays, candles, vacuum pearls and continuous release crystal gel forms.

Still looking for innkeepers Christmas gift ideas? Contact the InnStyle sales team at 800-877-4667. We’ll be happy to help you find the right gift for your loved ones. Happy holidays!

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