A Guide to Standard and Custom Tablecloth Sizes

Sferra Festival Table Linens available at InnStyle

It’s a question we’ve gotten many times over the years:

Can we buy tablecloths larger than the ones we find in our local stores?

And the answer is… Yes! InnStyle has a few suppliers who can provide custom tablecloth sizes for people with wider, longer or otherwise oversized tables.

Click Here To Download Our Free Standard Tablecloth Sizes Chart

One of our favorite suppliers for linens is Sferra, a company that has a – well-deserved – reputation for fine, luxury bed, bath, and dining linens.

We’re proud to carry a number of their products, offering both custom and standard tablecloth sizes. But how do you know which tablecloth size fits your table? Use our downloadable standard and custom tablecloth sizes chart and follow these steps.

Round Table linens available at InnStyle. This pattern is called Butterfly Meadow.Step 1: The Size

Choose the size and shape of your table using the left side of the chart. Use a tape measure. Oval and rectangular tables will typically be either 36 inches or 40 inches wide.

If you have a round table, you’ll need to determine the diameter by measuring the center of the table from one end to another. Square tables range from 30 inches to six feet. You can find out the size by measuring one side of the table.

Step 2: The Drop

Your next step for figuring out table cloth sizes is to decide how long of a drop you want. The drop refers to the amount of material that hangs over the edge of the table. It’s typically eight to 12 inches.

Eight inches is the standard for the food service industry. Many people like the look of a 10-12-inch drop, but these lengths can make it difficult for diners to move or sit.

Step 3: The Chart

Once you’ve measured the table and decided how long of a drop you want, refer to the chart to find your appropriate tablecloth size.

For example, if you have a round table that’s 120 inches in diameter, and you want an eight-inch drop, you’d want a tablecloth size of 136 inches in diameter. This will give you an eight-inch drop on both sides. Many tables do come in odd sizes. We can advise you on the proper tablecloth if your table does not fit into any of available sizes. We are available to help you decide on whether you can handle a longer or shorter drop. This depends on height of chair. You do not want the tablecloth drop sitting on your guests’ lap. Of course, we can also special order a tablecloth for your table.

We have many tablecloth, placemats, runners and napkin suppliers from which you can choose.

Sferra offers a range of tablecloth sizes, including

  • Square (54×54″)
  • Square (66×66″)
  • Oblong (66×86″)
  • Oblong (66×106″)
  • Oblong (66×124″)
  • Oblong (66×140″)
  • Round (seamed with plain hem) (90″ diameter)

To learn more about Sferra’s custom tablecloth sizes for any of their 101 linen colors, please contact your InnStyle sales representative. Our Sales Reps will advise you on size and suppliers from which we can purchase the proper tablecloth for your establishment.

Click Here To Download Our Free Standard Tablecloth Sizes Chart

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