Why Stay in a B&B?

bed and breakfastWhen you think of business travel, the images that come to mind are pretty drab.

Airports, rental cars, meeting rooms, never getting a chance to experience the place you’re visiting.

But what if that could be different? Business travelers don’t often consider a bed and breakfast stay, although a majority of B&Bs say they make efforts to accommodate these guests.

If you want to get business travelers to consider staying at your bed and breakfast, remember these selling points:

  1. Outstanding customer service

Guests at a bed & breakfast – whether they’re with you for business travel or on vacation – can appreciate the individualized touch that they might not get from a hotel.

  1. It’s all-inclusive

Business travelers may not be able to spend lavishly, so offering all-inclusive pricing makes budgeting easier. The cost of their stay will include things like parking and wi-fi.

Cynthia Grow, a frequent business traveler from Cincinnati, told USA Today in 2007 that she had incorrectly assumed B&Bs wouldn’t have high-speed internet or any of the other services business travelers might need. After her first stay, she was converted. Nearly all bed and breakfast and country inn properties have WIFI and cater to business travelers now-realizing that they are an important group.

“If the location at a B&B is suitable, and it offers a great breakfast and all the business amenities of a hotel, heck yes, count me in,” Grow said.

 3. It feels more like home

When travelers stay at a bed and breakfast, they get a unique, homey experience. Rather than rooms, they can sleep on a comfortable mattress in a space that’s been uniquely decorated.

Grow said that she typically opts for hotels, “but was won over by a quaint and comfortable B&B in Natchitoches, La., that ‘was so different from a sterile cookie-cutter room that one gets at a hotel.’”

  1. They’ll eat freshly prepared food

Bed and breakfasts can offer travelers fresh, home-cooked complete breakfast, often made with locally-sourced ingredients. It’s miles away from a few croissants and a glass of orange juice in a conference room.  Innkeepers will be happy to try to accommodate dietary restrictions for guests who are diabetic, gluten-free, etc.

Many also offer a happy hour where guests can enjoy a glass of wine and some refreshments, while interacting with other travelers.

  1. They’ll meet new people

The intimate nature of a bed and breakfast makes it the perfect place to meet new people. Granted, this might seem like a downside to some travelers.

John Fitzgibbon, a healthcare consultant from New York, told USA Today he prefers the anonymity of a chain hotel. He wasn’t a fan of sharing stories – or meals – with the other guests.

“I checked out the next morning after making up some business emergency story and drove an additional 20 miles to the closest higher-end chain hotel,” Fitzgibbon said.

But we should note that at most bed and breakfasts and country inns, guests do not have to mingle if they don’t want to. There are tables for six, or tables for one or two. It’s up to the guest whether they would like to interact or be on their own.

  1. There’s privacy, peace and quiet

Worries about having to share stories over breakfast aside, a B&B offers more privacy than a hotel in some ways. Your guests aren’t sharing a building with hundreds of other people, and don’t have to contend with staying in the same building that’s hosting a busy convention or a raucous bachelor party.

  1. It’s a unique experience

Business travelers want some downtime during their trip. As a bed and breakfast proprietor, you’re in the unique position to help them discover what makes your community special. Point them to the best places to eat, shop and explore.

If you’re looking for ways to make your bed and breakfast more inviting to guests – whether it’s a lone business traveler or a couple celebrating their anniversary – InnStyle can help.

For more than 60 years, we’ve been providing bed and breakfast owners with the best in bedding, mattresses, and other amenities.

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