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8 Details for Running a Good Restaurant

Group Of Friends Enjoying Meal In RestaurantA few years ago, there was an American Express ad where celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito unleashed a scary statistic for anyone interested in running a good restaurant: 90 percent of all eateries fail within their first year.

The good news is that there’s no evidence that figure is true. The bad news is that the actual numbers aren’t much more encouraging. Only 20 percent of all restaurants make it past the five-year mark.

There are some major factors that can make or break a restaurant – food quality, management, location – but there are also some smaller steps you can take to help ensure your success.

Here’s a great infographic showing the eight details to think about when making sure you’re running a good restaurant.

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Guests Want Clean, Comfortable Beds

white sheetsGuests want clean rooms. It’s a fairly obvious statement, and one that’s been proven by customer surveys.

Your customers expect your rooms and beds to meet their expectations, and if that doesn’t happen, they’ll complain to management and ask for a remedy: a different room.

We addressed this issue in our last blog post about clean white sheets, towels and bed bugs. A tired-looking room, with a worn carpet, faded draperies, broken blinds or ripped towels sends the wrong message. Every guest deserves a well-appointed and clean room every time.

What else do guests want? Here’s a list:

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