Monthly Archives: December 2016

Set Sail with InnStyle For the 2017 AIHP Conference

AIHP conferenceEvery year around this time, the team at InnStyle rolls up its sleeves and starts prepping for the annual AIHP conference. We are a charter founding member and allied partner of AIHP.

This year, we’ll be headed to Long Beach, CA, where the AIHP (Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals) will hold the InnSpire Conference and Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace.

Scheduled for January 29 through February 1 aboard the Queen Mary, the retired ocean liner turned hotel and tourist destination. This year, the AIHP is working with Select Registry and the California Association of Boutique and Breakfast Inns to host the event.

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Give The Gift Of Warmth To A Homeless Person

Donate A Blanket For The Homeless“It’s better to give than to receive.”

That little bit of wisdom tends to come up a lot during the winter holidays. It’s only after we get a little older – and gain some wisdom of our own – that we discover it’s true.

When we’re kids, part of the joy of Christmas comes from getting gifts. When we grow up, we discover the joy of giving gifts.

And while it feels great to give gifts to your family and friends, what if you could give a gift to a stranger?

This year, InnStyle is giving you the opportunity to do just that. Continue reading