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Getting Your Vacation Rental Ready for Winter

vacation rental propertyEvery summer I look forward to moving to my home at the beach in New Jersey.

I love this house. I love the summer. We are not “on the beach” but we’re still close enough to walk to it. But as much as we love the house and the summer and the beach, things aren’t always simple. After my husband and I make the nearly two-hour drive to our summer home, there’s always work to do.

Sometimes that work can include standard cleaning and repairs, but other times there are bigger headaches. For example, I spent eight weeks this summer trying to get our Samsung freezer repaired, a job that was only completed after contacting the president of Samsung U.S.

We also were disappointed by 2 different contractors whom we contacted – one to build an outdoor shower, and a tree specialist to check on a gorgeous tree in front of our property that looked diseased. We contacted them, and then never heard from them again. It made us long for the days when service people took pride in their work, showed up and did the job.

With all this in mind, we thought we’d reach out to other vacation rental property owners with some tips for preparing their summer homes for the winter. By taking care of small home care issues, you’ll have more time to deal with any unforeseen issues before the rental season begins.

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What Is Napped Fabric?

nappedIn a recent blog post, we discussed a number of the different types of blankets we have for sale, including cotton, down-filled, and polyester fleece.

But we didn’t mention blankets made from a napped fabric, which are an important – and extremely comfortable – part of our collection, available for sale on our website.

Napped fabric refers to a process in which both sides of a piece of woven or knit fabric are teased and raised and/or sheared off to make them even. The raised fibers of napped fabric all lie in one direction, making the fabric look and feel different when seen or touched from different angles.

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