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How ESPRO Stain Remover Can Keep Your Rooms Clean

ESPROImagine this scenario:

You own a hotel or a bed and breakfast. Your clients run the gamut: business travelers, couples on their honeymoon, and families with kids.

One night, one of those kids pours himself a tall glass of grape juice, and then promptly spills it all over your pristine white carpeting or spotless sheets.

Grape juice is one of the nightmare stains, but fortunately, there’s ESPRO stain remover.

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What’s On Your Pillow Menu?

pillows for hotels, B&B, innsA few years ago, I was at a conference for innkeepers, camped out at my booth showing some of InnStyle’s products.

A colleague of mine – a former innkeeper who had become an industry consultant – stopped by the booth to ask if I could give her some pillow samples to show during her seminar.

Of course I was happy to oblige, and to act as a sort of teacher to a few of her aspiring innkeeper “students” who wanted to learn about our pillows and other products.

It was a pleasure to meet these upcoming innkeepers, allow them to try out our products – by touching and even laying on the pillows – and to explain some of the choices they had when it came to buying new pillows.

And I learned something as well that day at the conference: My former innkeeper colleague suggested I create a pillow menu for our website.

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