The InnStyle Guide to Mattress Hygiene

mattress hygieneWhether you are a homeowner, an innkeeper or a vacation property owner/manager, taking care of your mattress is key.

A mattress is typically an expensive purchase, which means you’ll want to take care of yours so it will last. It helps that most mattresses come with warranties. At InnStyle, we sell hospitality mattresses from Tempurpedic, Sealy and Stearns and Foster, which offer a 10-year limited warranty. We also sell CleanRest mattress encasements and protectors and they also offer a 10-year warranty on their products.

And while having a warranty is certainly helpful, it’s important to take steps to keep your mattresses clean and safe. Read on to explore our guide to mattress hygiene.

Buy some mattress protection

After you’ve purchased your mattress, be sure to buy some added protection for it. We recommend getting a mattress and box spring encasement to protect against bed bugs.

Your mattress is the front line in the fight against bed bugs. Bedrooms — and mattresses in particular – are the place where most bed bug invasions originate. They may spread to other rooms, but bed bugs often get their start at the head of the mattress.

Once you’ve installed a bed bug encasement, your next purchase should be a quilted or waterproof mattress cover.

Your bed bug mattress encasement is zippered, doesn’t need to be washed and should stay on the mattress at all times. Your mattress pad — which is typically quilted and/or waterproof — can and should be washed.  Hotels and rental properties should change and clean mattress pads as each guest checks out. At home, wash your mattress pads as needed.

Your guests expect cleanliness

Know that your guests want the assurance they are checking into a clean room and sleeping in a clean bed.

We know that mattresses can get soiled, but if you’re using a mattress encasement, you’ve protected the mattress. Your cleaning staff can immediately see stains or anything else on the mattress pad, change to a different one and/or spot clean, wash, dry and put back on the bed.

Protecting your mattresses is a key part of your property’s hygiene strategy, and crucial to providing a healthy sleep environment.

With a quilted or waterproof mattress protector, property owners can offer their guests quality, healthy sleep, free from the damage that comes from spills or bodily fluids.

Your guests are also thinking about bed bugs. They’ve seen stories about infestations on the news, or even had to deal with these pests in their own home.

Proper protection will ensure your guests are protected from the many issues that crop up when you have many different occupants in the same room:

  • Human accidents and bodily fluids
  • Pest infestations (fleas, dust mites, bed bugs)
  • Allergens such as mold

So provide your guests with a carefree sleep environment by providing them a quality mattress with a cover or covers to protect them. You will breathe easier and so will your guests, knowing that you protected them and your property.

If you have questions about caring for your mattresses, contact InnStyle. Our knowledgeable sales reps will be happy to help.

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