Why are Egyptian Giza & Pima Cotton Sheets So Special?

pima cotton sheetsEgyptian cotton has long been considered the finest cotton in the world and therefore it stands to reason, Egyptian cotton sheets are considered by many to be the best cotton sheets you can buy.

Egypt’s climate – marked by heavy rains, humidity, and stable temperatures – and fertile land come together to create growing conditions that make the country a leading producer of high quality, extra-long staple (ELS) cotton.

These longer fibers allow for much stronger and more uniform yarns, making the resultant fabric much smoother and more resistant to wear. It also maintains its luxurious texture, becoming softer and silkier over time with proper care. And ELS Egyptian cotton is much more porous than other cottons, allowing it to readily wick away moisture, leading to an overall better overall sleep.

When was Egyptian cotton first grown?

The Egyptians made huge advances in agriculture, construction and communication thousands of years ago.

Egyptian cotton, on the other hand, is relatively new. And the long-fibered cotton that makes for such soft sheets was first grown not in Egypt, but in South America.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that an entrepreneur convinced Egyptian ruler Mohammed Ali Pasha to invest in and export ELS.

As we said earlier, this was a strain of cotton with long, thin fibers: 1 3/8 inches long. In those days, this cotton was highly sought after and available only to the very wealthy. Today, increased production capacity makes Egyptian cotton products much more affordable.

Giza and Pima Cotton

There are a few varieties of cotton within the ELS family. Among them is Giza cotton, considered one of the finest Egyptian cottons on the market. Giza itself comes in several varieties of its own, with Giza 45 – the queen of Egyptian cotton – at the front of the pack, the longest, finest staple. Giza accounts for about 20 percent of the ELS cotton on the market.

There’s also Pima cotton, another ELS variety that’s produced in the United States. (It gets its name from the Pima Indians, who helped raise the cotton on experimental farms in the early part of the 20th century).

Egypt produces less cotton than a lot of the countries making cotton for sheets, towels and other items. But it’s still considered the best cotton being produced.

Choose InnStyle for Egyptian or Pima cotton sheets

At InnStyle, we offer many different styles of Egyptian & Pima cotton sheets. Our most popular is our 600 Thread Count – 100% Pima Cotton wrinkle free sheets with a sateen weave. No one else in the market carries this truly wrinkle-free sheet. And while many manufacturers might claim their sheets are wrinkle free, trust us…they aren’t!

In addition to our Pima sheets, we also offer a few styles made of Giza cotton from the luxury bedding and bath manufacturer, Sferra – 100% Egyptian Giza cotton sheets.

And to learn more about our Egyptian and Pima cotton products, please visit our website. If you need further advice or guidance, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail our very knowledgeable staff.


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    1. Hi Herbert,
      In answer to your question, no sateen is not actually heavier but may feel heavier than percale. The actual weight of a fabric is measured in gsm. I hope this helps. Thanks for the question.

  1. many thanks for help. have been told that sateen sheets are a little warmer than percale, this may be opinion of different purchasers.

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