Monthly Archives: January 2016

18 Tips for Washing Linens

Last year on this blog, we spent some time addressing stain removal. It’s not always an easy task: it takes time, patience and the correct tools and proper water temperature, depending on the fabric and the stain.

Once you’ve removed a stain from an item, your next step is to wash and dry it properly. We realize what you might be saying at this point: “Thanks InnStyle, but I know how to use a washer and dryer.”

But although it seems simple, there are certain steps you’ll need to take to save your linens/laundry from the rag bag.

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Bring In Extra Revenue With an Inn Gift Shop

When someone takes a trip, they bring home souvenirs. They go to the Jersey shore, they inn gift shopbring back seashells. They visit Canada, they pick up some maple syrup.

But what if one of the most memorable parts of someone’s trip was their hotel room?

Many innkeepers are taking advantage of this idea – and thus creating more revenue — by taking a space on their property and essentially turning it into a gift shop where guests can purchase the sheets, towels, robes, and other amenities they’ve enjoyed during their stay.

Guests enjoy having luxury linens and other comforts when they travel, giving them a break from the familiar sheets, towels, mattresses and blankets they use at home. Some of them even call InnStyle directly to purchase these products. But these customers could – and should – be purchasing through you.

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