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Seashore Home Décor 101 – The B&B Experience

seashore home decorInnkeepers are not the only ones who want to pamper their guests. When travelers return from deluxe bed and breakfasts, they want to provide some of the luxuries they have experienced for their own visitors.

It’s not the amount of money you spend to give guests in your home the inn experience, but how you use those funds to make their stay memorable.

Such was the case when my husband and I bought and furnished a house by the seashore for our family many years ago.

After a decade of selling mid to high-end bed and bath furnishings to innkeepers and getting their feedback, we decided to use their advice to give guests at our shore house a stay that was comfortable and left them feeling as if they had just stayed at a seashore B&B.

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14 Ways to Get Out Stains

1000+ stain removerAs we mentioned in our previous post, many household products in your home may be able to remove stains without you needing to purchase new products.

If these do not work, then it is time to purchase one product that will work on many different stains.

At InnStyle, we carry a few products that will work with most stains. Again, the most important thing to remember is that it may take time, patience and second or third applications before you can remove the stain.

But all that work will be worth it if it means saving the item from the rag bag and eliminating the need to purchase new linens, clothing, etc.

For laundry stains, some stain removal products can be used full strength. The product 1000+ Stain Remover provides a concentrated stain removal. Here are 14 ways it works on various stains.

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