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Three Ways to Keep Bed Bugs at Bay

bed bugsPeople expect inconsistency. We figure things will fluctuate: the stock market will go up and down, the weather will get colder, then hotter.

And because we focus on these changes, we often overlook trends.

Let’s look at bed bugs. You might say the proliferation of these pests in the past few years will eventually pass, but the facts don’t support this theory.

According to a 2013 survey of pest control professionals, 99.6 percent of the companies questioned had handled a bed bug infestation in the previous 12 months, up from 99 percent in 2011 and 95 percent in 2010.

Despite these numbers, you may think that your home or business isn’t susceptible to a bed bug infestation.

But sometimes bed bug problems have nothing to do with you. The people that visit or stay at your home or business bring their own cleaning habits with them. Luggage that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned or checked can transport bugs into a home. And while your visitors might frown on you inspecting their bags, you can try to clean their rooms after they’ve gone to prevent a bed bug invasion.

If you’re a traveler, unpack your suitcase downstairs when you get home and clean it. Take every item out and wash and dry it before bringing any clothes or your suitcase back into your bedroom.

Here are three other ways that you can reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation at your home or business.

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How to Set Your Dinner Table

table settingSetting your table doesn’t have to be a big challenge. We’ve sought out the proper way to handle it with these steps, from the Emily Post Institute.

 The Basic Table Setting

  1. To start, think of the word FORKS (minus the R to remember how to place your utensils going left to right: F is for the fork, O is your plate (it’s shaped like an “O”), K for the knife, and S for the spoon.
  2. Holding your hands in front of you, touch your thumbs to your forefingers so they form a lowercase “b” (your left) and lowercase “d” (on the right). This is to remember that bread and butter go on the left, while drinks go on the right.
  3. The blade of your knives should always face the plate. A napkin goes to the left of the fork, or on the plate. A bread and butter knife is optional.

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