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3 Ways to Create a Personalized Sleep Experience for Guests

Sealy mattresses We live in a world of customization, where digital capabilities let us shape our preferences in every area of life: Our phones know our names, our cars remember our seat positions, and our coffee machines remember how to make us the perfect cup.

Consumers are so accustomed to having it their way that they expect these same highly personalized experiences when they’re away from home.

This is why it’s more critical than ever for innkeepers, hoteliers and vacation rental owners to create memorable, tailored sleep experiences for their guests. Here are some steps you can take: Continue reading

Should You Worry About the Binding on Textile Products?

quiltsAn innkeeper has a lot to think about when shopping for new quilts, or coverlets, or high-quality blankets.

  • For starters, there’s the visual attractiveness of the item, which is of paramount importance in the lodging industry. There’s also the quality—or lack thereof—with which the item been constructed.
  • How about the level of comfort a coverlet or quilt, for instance, will bring to a customer? The comfort of a guest room item is certainly something that’s worth thinking about long and hard.
  • And of course, there are the dual matters of price and value: Given its design, its construction, and the materials used to make it, is the product you’re interested in fairly priced?

If you’re an innkeeper or a B&B proprietor who has purchased your fair share of bedding supplies and bath accessories, those are probably all decisions that sound familiar. But when deciding whether or not to buy a certain pillow, say, or a set of throw rugs, have you ever given any sort of consideration to the product’s binding?

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