How to Best Protect Your Mattress: Our Top Product Recommendations

protect your mattressWhile many factors will affect the longevity of your mattress (its original quality, for instance, and the amount of use), cleaning your mattress on a regular basis and protecting it from spills, insects, and even allergens can help you get the most from your investment.

As our regular readers will remember, we briefly touched on the topic of mattress protection in a recent blog post titled “How to Make the Perfect Bed”.  In this post we’ll delve more deeply into the topic of the care and protection of your mattress, and provide you with a list of our favorite products to accomplish this important task.

Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray

protect your mattressOur Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray works as both a preventative and a treatment for those pesky insects that have made something of a resurgence in recent years.

Rest Easy is an-all natural product with a pleasant cinnamon scent and four essential oils, which have been proven to stop those creepy crawlers in their tracks. As a natural product, Rest Easy is safe for use around both children and pets, unlike the many chemical-laden formulas available today.

To prevent an infestation, simply spray your naked fabric, being careful to get the product into all the cracks and crevices of your mattress. You simply need to let the product dry before placing your encasement and/or mattress pad over your bed.

If you’ve already been infested, treat the mattress in the same way, and then vacuum up the dead bugs and eggs once the product is dry.

For your convenience, we offer Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray in both 2 oz. and 16 oz. spray bottles, as well as a one gallon refill size to help prevent unnecessary waste.

Bed Care Encasements

Of course, the best way to treat bed bugs (and all other common mattress problems) is with prevention.

The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is certainly true when it comes to your mattress, especially when you’re running a larger establishment.

Our Bed Care Encasements are some of our best and most popular mattress protectors. With an absorbent and 100% waterproof surface, a breathable urethane liner that mimics human skin, and a patented rust-proof zipper lock system, Bed Care Encasements will protect your mattress and box-spring from accidental spills, sweat and other fluids, dust mites and allergens, and yes, even bed bugs.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget encasements for your pillows to help protect against allergen build-up, and to keep those bed bugs at bay. Our Bed Care line also includes pillow protectors with all of the same great benefits of their encasements.

New Perma-Dry Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a must for every bed, as the pad provides additional mattress protection, added comfort, and an extra grip to prevent sheet bunching and slippage. Our new Perma-Dry Mattress Pad is a great option that won’t break the bank.

protect your mattressThree layers of barrier fabric — a plush poly/cotton blend quilted surface, a 100% waterproof yet breathable inner urethane layer, and a brushed polyester back — provide superior protection and comfort.

This new perma-dry cover is both noiseless and machine washable. It comes in a fitted-sheet style, making placement and clean-up a breeze.

We offer this newest pad in convenient packs of two for Queen and Eastern King size mattress, while 12-pack cases are also available by special order in all other sizes.

Pro Tip: We recommend vacuuming both the surface and the underneath of your mattress every time you remove and launder your mattress pad. This will help eliminate the presence of any dust mites.

Micro-Denier Pillow

There’s a good reason our Micro-Denier Pillow has become one of our best-selling products. While this soft microfiber pillow feels the same as its down pillow cousin, it completely retains its shape after machine-washing.

protect your mattressOur micro-denier pillow is perfect for those with down allergies, and is another one of our budget friendly products.

We offer this piped-edged, 230 thread-count cotton cover pillow in standard, queen and king sizes. In addition to individual purchases, our 8-12 count case packs offer added value for larger orders.

* * *

Now that you’ve succeeded in protecting your mattress from the elements — the hazards of guest use, dust mites and bed bugs, to name but a few — don’t forget to continue with care and maintenance as recommended by your mattress manufacturer. Remember, many mattresses require annual or more frequent turning or rotating. Both help to increase the longevity of your mattress by preventing the formation of deep depressions due to body conformity.

The occasional professional mattress cleaning can also be useful to remove any odors, and to deal with any trouble areas that may have arisen from use. While professional cleanings can be costly, they can help to extend the life of your mattress and prevent a more costly replacement. Just be careful to select a cleaning provider with the adequate experience and equipment to care for the type and fabric of your mattress.

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