The Beauty of Wrinkle-Free Sheets

Excerpts from Online ShopperFine Linens - Wrinkle Free Sheets
The New York Times
Published: March 22, 2007

“To get to the bottom of the mystery of wrinkle-free fabric that stays wrinkle-free, I phoned Cotton Inc., a trade organization, which researches fiber as part of promoting the interests of cotton growers.”

“To get wrinkle-free sheets, the fabric should be finished the same way as for wrinkle-free khakis or wrinkle-free cotton shirts,” said Lee Snyder, the associate director of technology implementation, who has been working on specialized wrinkle-free finishes for Cotton Inc. since 1974.

He said you treat the cotton with resins so that the hydrogen bonds in the fabric remain flat, instead of becoming wrinkled.

“Does the chemical treatment wear off?” I asked.

“No,” he said. “It should last as long as you’re using the sheet.”

That’s all I needed to hear. Excitedly I hurried to my computer, typed into the keyword search box and prepared to raise my bedding to the next level.

“The source for innkeeper supplies and linens since 1952,” the site announced, and the rest of the text on the site — phrases like “innkeepers only” and “wholesale supplier” — made it clear that retail orders weren’t encouraged.

I decided to look anyway. That’s how I stumbled upon a product description of 300-thread-count wrinkle-resistant sheet sets, 100 percent combed cotton with a sateen weave, available in four colors (sage, white, blue and cream).

I phoned Susan Sternthal, the site’s co-owner, and told her my story.

“This happens to people all the time,” she said. “I had my own nephew just stay in a hotel. He said, ‘I want those sheets.’ I said, ‘If you don’t tell me the name of the hotel, I won’t know what sheets they used.’ ”

“If I tell you the name of the inn where I stayed, will you sell me the same sheets?” I asked.

Ms. Sternthal said: “We had a retail linen store for 53 years in Pennsylvania, but we closed it last year, and now we’re not looking to sell to the general consumer. I will tell you that now.”

She paused.

I felt a glimmer of hope.

“But we will still take retail phone orders,” she said.

Then she added: “No returns. That’s because my manufacturers aren’t going to take it back unless it’s really damaged.”

Before she could change her mind, I said, “The inn where I stayed was called Cornucopia at Oldfield.”

Ms. Sternthal said, “Let me see what she buys.” She looked up the information. “She buys the 300-count sheets for the twin beds and the 600-count sheets in king size.”

“I slept in a king-size bed,” I said.

“Then the 600,” she said.

“I don’t see them on the site,” I said.

Ms. Sternthal said: “There was a change of who was manufacturing them, and for some of our customers, if the color didn’t match, they had issues. So we still stock some of the 600-count sheets for people who ask. But they aren’t shown on the site.”

I said, “While I have you on the phone, can you tell me what blanket they had on the bed at Cornucopia?”

“She bought the waffle blanket cover, the 60-40 cotton blend,” Ms. Sternthal said.

“I’ll take that, too,” I said.

“I’ll have one of my sales reps call you with retail prices,” she said.”

Our best-selling 600 thread count ‘wrinkle free’ sheets are available in limited quantities, but we are always getting more. Get your orders in now to be assured of shipment on “innkeepers’ most popular wrinkle free sheet style”! To order , please contact us at 267-354-6020 or toll-free at 1-800-877-INNS (4667).

23 thoughts on “The Beauty of Wrinkle-Free Sheets

    1. Yes, we have many customers in Canada. I will have someone contact you by email or you can call 800-877-4667 and a sales rep will be happy to give you a log in and password, answer any questions you may have & take your order. Thank you for your inquiry.

  1. I am currently furnishing a vacation rental property and would like to provide my customers with “fine” linens. Can I order from your company?

  2. We stayed at Iris Inn in Waynesboro, Va this past week. I would like to purchase the same type of sheets that they use, please. May you help me, please?

  3. We stayed at the Bourbon Manor in Bardstown, KY, and marveled at the comfort of the bed sheets. Is it possible to purchase 2 sets from you? Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, you can call 800-877-4667 or place your order on line as we have a shopping cart. on our website I forwarded your message to our office – so you may be receiving a call from us too.

  4. Hi, I stayed at Cibolo Creek Ranch last weekend and
    The sheets were amazing! I think their comforters and pillows are from your store as well. I would love to make my bed at home that comfy.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. We will be happy to accommodate you and place an order. Please call 1-800-877-4667 and ask for Chuck. He can inform you of the type of linens which Cibolo Creek uses for their Inn.
      You can also look at our website.

    1. Was not certain that you ordered the sheets you were interested in purchasing. If you are still interested, please call Dorene at 1-800-877-4667.
      Thank you.

  5. My sisters and I stayed at the Winchester Inn in Ashland April 9 – 13, 2015. We loved the sheets. May I order a set of those marvelous queen-sized sheets pretty please?



  6. I am interested in the cotton sateen sheets on the king beds at Casa Sedona. Could you provide information and cost. The sheets say made in Pakistan. Thanks, LG

  7. I have been using these sheets for five years now, and they are just as perfect as the day they arrived. These are the softest, most heavenly sheets you will ever feel in your entire life. I guess the best way to explain them would be smooth as butter. That’s what I think of when I feel them. Lol! My mom and my sister have both slept in my bed when visiting and they want the sheets now for themselves. They are amazing!

    1. So kind of you to write this wonderful testimonial for our 600 t.c. pima cotton wrinkle free sheets! We appreciate your kind words. Please know that we will honor any order from your family and friends!! Thanks again! Ask them to call 1-800-877-4667 and ask for Dorene or email

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