Design Ideas for the Modern Innkeeper

Bed and Breakfast SignThe concept of the “Bed and Breakfast” rose to popularity in United States during the 1800’s to provide respite and sustenance to miners, prospectors, and other pioneers as they made their way across the country in the development of the American West. Even as competition increased as more inns, lodges and hotels were built in the 1900’s, B&B’s remained popular and was seen as an affordable accommodation for people traveling through small towns or in areas that weren’t developed.

In the 21st century, B&B’s offer a cozy and accommodating alternative to the corporate hotel or motel − and are often found in locations that offer historical, leisure or small town attractions. For most travelers, the unique touches that distinguish a B&B were clearly the primary reason for selecting this lodging option. Words like “charm,” ambience,” “quaintness,” and “atmosphere” are often used to describe this intangible appeal.

During the past few decades, bed and breakfast and country inns had perpetuated the “charming” trend, developing a reputation in the travel industry for decorating with “country appeal”; doilies, ruffled bedspreads, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. Most modern inns have moved away from this decorative approach however, opting for a more simple or minimalistic style, thus increasing efficiency and reducing room clutter.

In effort to be more aesthetic, not to mention hygienic, modern Innkeepers are using essentials, rather than “stuff” as décor options. For example:

  • Duvet-Cover-f08a22-Sonia-mainDuvets and coverlets: Shorter and less bulky than a comforter, most coverlets can also be washed often.
  • Hypoallergenic pillows: This will protect the pillows from bedbugs and dust mites (and protect you if a guest questions you about steps you’ve taken to control allergens)
  • Luggage racks: Discourages luggage from on the bed, (and the germs luggage carries!). Keep the luggage rack out–not in the closet so the guests know that these are to be used!

From wholesale bedding to fine hotel linens, we assure you that with our assistance you can choose the perfect décor that is both functional and practical, saving you valuable time and money.

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