Purchasing Innkeeper Supplies for Yourself

Super Soft Blanket from InnStyle I have stayed at many B&Bs and the towels and sheets are always so luxurious. What are the most popular kind of towels and sheets that inns have? Is it acceptable to ask the innkeeper where they purchase their fine linens if I want to buy them for myself?

Good question. When we started our business, InnStyle, 25 years ago, providing luxury products to innkeepers at wholesale prices, the options were very different from today’s choices. Innkeepers in 1988 preferred giving each room a different theme with different color sheets, top of bed items (including: comforters, coverlets, bedspreads, quilts, etc.) and window treatments.

Since we had been providing fine linens to retail customers in our Bucks County area since 1952, we had resources where we could provide innkeepers with different bedding collections, sheet qualities with different thread counts and patterns. As the years progressed, innkeepers realized that white and ivory would work best in their rooms. It would be easier to maintain quality and quantity as they could keep extra in stock if there was a last minute room change. Our tagline at InnStyle was always “Luxury at Wholesale Pricing” and we continue to provide wholesale pricing on these luxury items!

To this day, we provide many sheets in different thread counts, fabrics and qualities, from luxurious to institutional. Our most popular sheet is one that we manufacture and have been offering for over eight years, a 600 Pima Cotton Wrinkle-Free Sheet that innkeepers and their guests both love! There have been many articles written praising this sheet. Guests will come to the innkeeper asking if she/he has been ironing the sheet when they, the guest, are out for the day. That is how nice the sheet looks and feels on the bed! There is nothing better than sleeping on a 100% pima cotton sheet and being wrinkle-free certainly adds to the attractiveness to both the innkeeper and to the guest!

Many innkeepers keep extra sets of these sheets in stock just in case a customer wants to purchase them before checking out. If they don’t stock the sheet sets in their inn, guests can ask the innkeeper to have them shipped from InnStyle. Many customers of inns or bed and breakfasts will call us directly to purchase these sheets for themselves. This is almost a “no brainer” for product sales for inns to offer their guests.Hotel Collection Towels from InnStyle

We offer many different towel styles to our customers as each inn has its own budget and décor preference. Our most popular towel is the MicroCotton Hotel Towel. This towel is manufactured exclusively for InnStyle. Our innkeepers love the 100% extra-long staple cotton, softness, washability (dries quickly in the dryer), price and size of this towel. Guests love it and ask to purchase it for their own homes. Again, innkeepers can purchase through us and we will send directly to their guests.

Another popular item that we offer is our InnStyle Makeup Remover. It is hypoallergenic and it saves the linens from staining. I cannot tell you how many guests have called us and have purchased 200 in a package. We have mentioned this to our innkeepers as they could be selling this product and reaping a profit. This is a product that can be in an amenity basket along with our Facial Wipes to remove makeup so that guests do not leave stains on pillowcases, shams or towels. This has saved our innkeeper customers from having to replace these items.

If you are staying at an inn or B&B, and you are enjoying the sheets, towels and other amenities, do not be shy to ask the innkeeper to purchase for you or to provide the vendor’s information so you can purchase directly.

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  1. I am looking to purchase 2 Queen Size decorative Top Sheets (something like Golden Fern decorative top sheets but will consider others) This would be a retail sale. Can you help me?

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