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5 Uses For Area Rugs For Innkeepers

Whether long and narrow, short and wide or one that covers the entire floor surface, area rugs do so much more than simply cover the floor. InnStyle, the “one stop shop” for innkeepers, carries a huge selection of area rugs of all shapes, styles and purposes. Any innkeeper is sure to find the area rug that perfectly suits their needs, such as:

Area Run Innstyle

  1. Change the entire appearance of a room: Standard rectangular rugs provide both utility and elegance while circular and octagonal rugs add a unique look. Quickly and economically change the “theme” of your space just by adding or replacing the area rug.
  2. Add warmth and safety to a bathroom: Replace the floor towel outside the shower or tub with a small absorbent rug that has a “sticky” bottom for safety. Use an area rug as a rug runner in front of the bathroom vanity for warmth and elegance. Place an area rug at an angle in the center of the bathroom to make it an interesting focal point.
  3. Have your foyer make a statement: The right area rug placed in the foyer can speak volumes about what your guests can expect and really make guests entering your home feel welcome. Change the rug seasonally to keep repeat guests guessing, “What’s different?”
  4. Spice up a dining room: Place the area rug in such a way that it adds flair and provides separation if blending the kitchen and dining room decor. In larger dining areas or in eating areas separate from the kitchen, use area rugs to add elegance or a dramatic flair.
  5. Make your guest rooms memorable: Area rugs are excellent style upgrades and are affordable options for floors that need updating when there’s no budget for a flooring makeover. Add style to an otherwise bland room, or modify the decor of a room designed toward an “aging” trend.

InnStyle is the source for innkeeper supplies and linens since 1952. We offer a complete line of quality products and services to add to the hospitality of your bed and breakfast, inn or establishment. In addition to products shown on this web site, we can special order almost any product you find in other catalogs or stores.  Please feel free to call us at 1-800-877-4667 or e-mail us for more information.

Waffle Weave Blankets, Towels and Robes Feel As Yummy As They Sound

Waffle weave fabric is a woven fabric with a recessed square pattern resembling the look of the popular breakfast treat or honey bee comb. During the weaving process, the ridges outlining the squares or diamonds are raised on all sides by floating both the warp and the weft, and gradually decreasing the floats moving from the ridges toward the centers.  The result is a versatile fabric, ranging in gauge from fine to coarse, that is very absorbent. Waffle Weave Robe InnStyle

The adaptable nature of waffle weave fabric makes it a popular choice for many bath and kitchen accessories, including:

  1. Bath Towels: The waffle weave fabric is highly absorbent. It also allows air to flow through it so that it dries quickly, thus making it a perfect choice for towels. Waffle fabrics are made in a range of weights. Coarse or large gauge waffle weave material makes particularly luxurious, plush towels.
  2. Washcloths: The waffle weave design is engineered in such a way as to absorb soapy water and hold it inside of the specialty woven pockets.
  3. Dishcloths: The tiny squares are designed to remove large amounts of water away from the surface and reduce streaking.
  4. Bathrobes: The weave that makes fast-drying dishcloths and dishtowels also works well for a lightweight summer bathrobe. Medium gauge waffle weave has thermal properties and provides warmth that is a perfect choice for cozy cool weather robes.
  5. Blankets: Waffle weave has thermal properties that provide warmth and insulation by trapping body heat and forming a warm layer next to the skin, thereby increasing heat retention. In addition, waffle weave fabric is highly absorbent and available in a variety of weights. These features make this fabric perfect for blankets.

InnStyle carries a wide selection of towels, blankets and robes in comfortable, cozy and absorbent waffle weave. Browse the website and take a taste of your favorite waffle today.