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Four Fancy Ways To Fold A Napkin

InnStyle is a wholesale fine linens supplier for bed, bath and dining for the innkeeping industry. We are a family business that began by providing hotel fine linens to local bed and breakfasts, country inns and restaurants in our community. We expanded nationally and provide a full product line to fulfill the needs of our customers who prefer “one stop shopping”.

As we approach the holiday season, many of our loyal customers are interested in tips for Table Linens for Innkeepers at Wholesale Pricingsetting a warm, inviting holiday table. From simple to elegant, InnStyle carries the table linens needed to set “just the right” table. But, how to set this table has always been up to our customers!! InnStyle would like to offer our assistance in this area as well.

Here are four techniques for folding an elegant napkin:

  1. Envelope fold: Place square napkin on table like diamond, with one point facing you. Fold in half upward, point to point, to make triangle. Fold left and right corners of triangle inward so points meet at midpoint of base. Fold outer portions inward again in similar manner, with folds meeting at centre.
Fold bottom section of napkin up so you have rectangular bottom and triangle “flap” above it.
Fold “flap” down over rectangle to resemble sealed envelope.
  2. Fleur-de-Lis fold: Begin with your square napkin unfolded (press it for a really polished look). Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner to form a triangle, then bring the two side corners up to the top corner so that you have a square again. Bring the bottom corner up part way so that there is an inch or so of space between it and the top corner. Fold the bottom corner down so there is a little triangular tab hanging down. Finally, tuck the side flaps towards the back. And pull the “rabbit ears” at the top down and to the side – and there you have your fleur de lis!
  3. Silver Buffet fold: This creates a nice pocket to put the silverware in. Start with your square napkin unfolded. Fold in half from the bottom two corners up to the top two corners to form a rectangle (hot dog style!). Fold in half again to form a square (hamburger style!) and rotate it so that the open corners are pointing up. Roll the top two corners down to the halfway point, then just tuck the two side corners behind the whole thing, and you have your silver buffet pouch. Slide a set of silverware in, and place it on top of the plate, next to it, or in true buffet fashion, in the center of the table.
  4. Pyramid fold: Place square napkin on table like diamond, with one point facing you. Fold in half upward, point to point, to make triangle.
Fold left corner up to meet top corner.
Turn napkin over. Fold diagonally in half by bringing bottom point up to meet top. You now have a triangle.
Lift up base of triangle toward you while bringing outer points closer together underneath.

InnStyle stocks napkins in many styles, fabrics, sizes and colors. You will be pleased with our selection, prices and customer service. Call us Toll Free: 1-800-877-INNS (4667).

Decorate Your Holiday Table Festively with Natural Elements

In our previous blog we considered how table runners are a fast, easy, inexpensive way to beautify a table. In keeping with this theme, let’s now concentrate how we can inexpensively dress-up these table runners for the holidays, simply using nature as our muse.

Wholesale Table Linens from LenoxMany of the following eco-friendly suggestions can be found at the grocery store, in your backyard, or possibly already laying around the house just waiting to be repurposed:

  1. Embellish cloth napkins by tying springs of herbs, such as rosemary and thyme with beautiful strips of cloth or ribbon.
  2. Employ a pomegranate as a place card – Use silver, gold or black permanent marker to write the guests name on the deep rich red skin of the fruit before dinner, and enjoy the delicious fleshy seeds for dessert afterwards!
  3. Dress-up a craft store cornucopia with pickling stain on the outside with burlap lining on the inside. Copiously fill with a variety of squash, apples, pears, mini pumpkins, and pomegranates. Place the cornucopia on a platter so you can move it easily without upsetting the work of art.
  4. Place a small glass hurricane inside a larger one with about a 1/4-1/2 inch space between. Slip wheat, cranberries, acorns, leaves or another seasonal detail between the candleholders. Place a candle in the center (make sure the candle is shorter than the height of the inner glass).

These decorations inspired by nature look particularly stunning juxtaposed on href=”” target=”_blank”>Opal Innocence by Lenox, an elegant scroll damask.

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