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Why should I use a mattress pad?

A mattress pad is designed to lie on top of a mattress. It can have an elasticized skirt that is placed over and around a mattress, similar to a bottom fitted sheet. Or it can have anchor bands at the corners that keep it in place.

A mattress pad serves several purposes:Mattress Pads for Inns - B N B

  • It offers extra cushioning, enhancing the overall comfort of the mattress. You experience the added softness of a mattress pad, while not taking away from the support of the mattress.
  • It provides an added layer of warmth between the mattress and your body. In colder weather, or in well-air conditioned rooms, a mattress pad acts as insulation and helps keep you warm.
  • It acts as a buffer between the sheets and the mattress, helping protect against stains. An unprotected mattress can become stained very easily, even from natural perspiration.
  • It protects the integrity of the mattress, especially the stitching along the seams. A protected mattress will have a much longer useful life.

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SFERRA’s Easy-Care Table Linens: the Advantages of Ring-Spun Polyester Yarn

SFERRA, the preeminent supplier of fine Italian table linens, traces its roots back to the late 1800’s and the grand seaside resorts of the East Coast of the United States. Catering to the sophisticated tastes of a wealthy and discerning clientele, the very name SFERRA became synonymous with exquisite bedding, bath and table linens that reflect refinement and luxury– a deserving reputation which lasts to this day.

Sferra Orchard Tablecloth-Wholesale Fine Linens

Orchard Tablecloth

SFERRA continues its century-old tradition of excellence, capturing the elegance and beauty it is famous for in two styles of easy-care table linens, Orchard and Juliet. These styles grace table cloths, dinner and cocktail napkins, placemats and table runners.
Both styles are constructed of yarn-dyed woven jacquards using ring-spun polyester yarns (as opposed to open-end spun which is constructed more quickly and less expensively but yields a lesser-quality yarn). The ring-spun polyester yarns used to create both the Orchard and Juliet styles take five times longer to manufacture, and results in significantly stronger and softer fabric. Other benefits of ring-spun yarns over lesser quality open end yarns include:

  1. Superior soil release properties
  2. Greater resistance to fading and discoloration
  3. Twice the tensile (i.e. capability of stretching) strength
  4. Higher abrasion resistance and durability
  5. Lower pilling propensity
  6. Improved wrinkle resistance
  7. Enhanced color retention
  8. Lighter weight fabric with a more luxurious and natural drape
Sferra Fine Linens for the Hospitality Industry

Juliet Tablecloth

Ostensibly, the only difference between the Orchard and Juliet styles is aesthetics. The Juliet is comprised of elegant lattice pattern that comes in Fern, Ocean, Persimmon, Taupe and White.

The Orchard boasts graceful scroll work and comes in Butter, Cinnabar, Ivory and White.

Unlike the debonair sophisticates that first enjoyed the luxury of SFERRA linens over a century ago, today’s discriminating consumer has the capability to research for themselves, and make an informed decision, about the investment in quality that SFERRA represents.

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